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In which our heroine spends the day covered in baby and then doesn't even finish the DITL because her mind is like a sieve. Oh well. Here's a glimpse of life with a newborn. Warnings: Lots of baby, all with at least a diaper, promise no surprise boob shots, autumnal gazing.

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First off, thank you all for your well wishes! I've been having a hard time commenting lately because frequently I have one (or both) hands occupied by a small human, but I do have a ton of time to read.

Half the day I spend trapped under a baby. The other half I try to get life done. I guess sleep happens in there somewhere?

On the one hand, the days and nights are blurring together and before I know it, it's time to sleep (for a few hours) or wake up or it's the next day. I'm a little sad about this, but also completely okay with the way time is just... going, because then the newborn phase will be over with before we know it and maybe we can both get an uninterrupted 4 hours of sleep again. Soon.

While I have come to enjoy spending the midnight hours with Lady Jr, the lack of sleep is hard. I've noticed my anxiety spiking the more exhausted I get, so I'm trying to be better, but... yeah. Lady is also having a hard time. Honestly, no one does well on little sleep.

In other news, I can write again. I'm so so glad that weird no-imagination thing did turn out to be related to pregnancy hormones. It was a little scary. But then it was like the switch was turned back on and suddenly I can write 500 words, easy peasy, again.

In other other news, I have further progress on the cryptic news front. There is the growing potential for something both incredibly awesome and incredibly challenging. I got more deets today and it's like holy shit - I really hope this is a thing that happens, but wow will it be way more work and commitment in a really short time than I could have expected. Considering the short timeframe, hopefully I'll know whether or not this is a thing very soon. In the meantime, cross your fingers for me.

In other other other news, my wife's birthday is this weekend and I have no idea what to do for her since we're both covered in newborn and kind of out of it. Totally open to suggestions.

Baby Doore

Oct. 13th, 2016 04:24 am
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It's 1.30am and I haven't slept more than four hours in two (three?) days now and I have a baby on my lap, fast asleep.

Lady Jr decided to make a very sudden appearance early Tuesday morning. I wrote her birth story here: https://speckofawesome.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/lady-jrs-birth-story/

Tl;dr - it was a 3 hour labor and the most difficult, scary thing I've ever done.

But she's here and my wife is the best wife and I'm exhausted and I started this at 1am and now it's 4.30am.

Have a pic:
Baby Doore
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- It's my last day at work before I start maternity leave. I'll be 40 weeks on Monday, so I figured that was a good a time as any to take off. Of course right now I feel 100% fine and like I'll be pregnant forever, so I might as well go into work. We'll see how I feel in a few days.

- Lady has had an ingrown toenail for the last two months. She finally got in to see a foot doc yesterday, who took one look at it and was like, hey - our next appointment canceled. Want to do minor foot surgery now?

So she did and now hopefully all she has to do to have the ability to walk like a normal person again (for the first time in over a year) is heal. Of course, cutting off and chemically burning a portion of toe/toenail is going to take a few days to heal from and right now she's in pain, unable to stand/walk for more than a few minutes, and probably shouldn't be driving. We're a bit of a pair.

- I put up happy lights in my office and it's made 100% of a difference.

- It's been 80 here the last few days. I was promised cold and snow and frost. Come on, weather - it's October! In Michigan! Can we stop with the warm weather already? I just want to shove my face into a snowbank.

- I'm registered to vote in Michigan. Woo! I looked up the ballot and tried to find info on the local issues. I figured the local newspaper would have info. Ahahaha - nope. All they have are articles about Orangey McOrangeFace. Wtf. I also tried google. Nada. I'm both surprised and not at all surprised.

- I miss having friends. It's been incredibly lonely here. That coupled with being stuck home all day is enough to bring the depression creeping back. I don't really know what to do about it, though. Work goes until 7pm and I can't take the car every day. I also haven't been able to bike because it just physically hurts. I'm really hoping that after baby, enough will change that I'll be able to go out and make friends. At least I'll be able to walk further than a mile, bike to other places, and start Crossfit again. I really don't like being this isolated. :<

- On the one hand, I'm a little afraid of the pain of labor and the sudden, crushing responsibility of caring for a newborn. On the other hand, I am 100% done being so physically limited. I can just barely tie my own shoes and get out of bed, but everything takes three times as much effort as it once did. As I mentioned above, I can barely walk a mile before the pain becomes too much. I can still lift a little, but even simple movements leave me breathless. And forget about running. God, I want to run so badly. The weather has been perfect.

I don't think I fully realized how much I'd made being active part of my identity in the past few years until I was forced to take it slow. I miss the rush of a hard workout and the victory of a heavy lift and the aching soreness of muscles pushed just far enough.

Soon, soon, if not soon enough.
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In which our heroine bravely works at home, fearlessly feeds cats, heroically goes for a walk, and overall has a normal, uneventful, last Monday at work pre-Lady Jr.

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First off: still pregnant. 38 weeks as of yesterday. As of Oct 1st I will be actively encouraging Lady Jr to evict herself, but until then let's just not.

Second off: Somehow I survived the Week from Crunchtime Hell at work. We got the two projects out the door ahead of schedule and I've been in recovery mode ever since. We still have revisions this week, but those haven't come in yet and shouldn't take too much time.

I kind of realized that I really like this job last week. It's the first job I've had where I'm encouraged to go off on my own and do things and then come back and show them off. I get a lot of room to be creative and take risks, which can be a little terrifying sometimes, but for the most part I've gotten really good feedback. It can be stressful for sure, but at least at the end of the day I often feel like I've accomplished something.

Third off: I am 900% looking forward to time off and maybe hoping Lady Jr will come a bit early so I can take off that much sooner. Right now, still planning on working until my due date, but I'm also dialing it down and taking a lot more breaks.

Fourth off: My anxiety seems to be increasing. We are so close and yet so many terrible things could still happen. I'm still afraid to assume everything will be all right. And I have to resist the urge to shake anyone else who assumes so, because even though I know jinxing isn't a thing, it's hard not to hedge and worry.

Fifth off: IT IS FINALLY AUTUMN. It is windy and fifty degrees and gorgeous and for the first time since July, my hands are not on fire. I am also still wearing short sleeves.

Sixth off: Vague-journaling is still cool, right? Well I got really good news last week, but it's been weird because I have zero emotional energy so I haven't been excited about it. Yet this is probably a good thing because it's going to be a few more weeks before I find out if that news is shareable (i.e. best news vs aw dammit oh well news) so at least I won't be constantly thinking about it. I fully expect to find out one way or another at the most inopportune time, so if you never hear anything again about this, then it didn't pan out.

Seventh off: Child care is atrociously expensive and now I 100% understand why so many women never go back to work. What's the point when it costs as much to put your kid up as you make? I mean, thankfully, I make a little more than that, but wow.
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Now that we've been in this house for over a month (holy shit our deed showed up in the mail this week) and the initial shock of all the little things that needed to be fixed and all the big things that didn't match our expectations has worn off, I'm starting to really like this place.

Here are a few of the things I like, in no particular order:

- The kitchen is so big. What it lacks in storage space (oh how I miss having a pantry), it makes up for in sheer move-around-ability.

- The kitchen also has so much natural light. There's a window over the sink and then a sliding glass door that takes up one full wall.

- Said sliding glass door/wall faces east, which means we get to watch the sunrise while sipping coffee every morning.

- The enclosed front porch is amazing for porch sittin', although I haven't been using it as much because it traps heat in the afternoon/evening (see: west-facing). It'll be pretty nice come winter, I bet.

- The bedroom has two windows. The office has two windows. The living room has FOUR windows. There is so much natural light and I almost never have to turn a light on during the day.

- Can you tell I like a lot of natural light?

- The basement is not completely full of spiders. It is also (slowly) becoming less scary, especially since dad covered up the crawl space, and so there isn't this dark, forboding hole into the bowels of the earth staring at you every time you go downstairs.

- I'm 99.5% sure this house is ghost-free, but just in case, I've been polite in addressing any potential ghosts. 100% ghost-incident-free at least.

- A/C we have A/C it is so awesome never again the no-A/C times

- We have a yard and doing Yard Work is actually quite enjoyable. Well, I imagine it will be quite enjoyable once I can bend and kneel and sit for long periods.

- Having a garage and therefore a place for a small gym is the Best Thing Ever. I can't do much at 9 months, but at least I can go out and throw around a barbell for a little bit and feel better about myself.

- No. Upstairs. Neighbors.

- There are a dozen different kinds of squirrel that like to root through our yard. I swear I saw a pumpkin spice squirrel the other day.

- Not living in a rental means getting to make more major adjustments, like installing shelves, new counters, a/c, etc.

- It also means smaller adjustments, like replacing the showerhead with a fancy detachable one.

- The neighborhood. Not only are we 10min from Lady's lab, we're a 10min walk from a big park and the neighborhood itself is full of trees and cute little houses. Somebody even has a small chicken coop in their side yard and I definitely don't plan my walks around going by there.
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I am so ready for fall. Or a/c. Whichever comes first.

Yesterday it was 90 and humid. Today it will be 85 and humid. Our portable a/c can only do so much. I've been escaping in the afternoon to cafes, but coming back is miserable because it is not. cooling. down. Walking into a wall of sticky, thick heat in your own home is the worst.

But just a few more days of this. Then we'll either have a/c - due for installation Tuesday - or it will be getting cool enough at night to be bearable. I check the weather five to seven times every day, hoping tomorrow will be cooler. Spoiler alert: nope.

Anyway, this is short term. I just have to get through the next few days. Just the ick plus the massive amount of mosquitoes means I've been even more of a homebody and I don't like it.


I will be 36 weeks come Monday (lol so I'm 35.5 but you can't blame me for rounding up). I did a birthday/maternity shoot last week, complete with barbell: photos here, if you're int. It was fun, but I want one with Lady and I together, so we have a date set with a real photographer next week. Hard part of being the One with the Camera is finding someone else to take photos sometimes.

Everything is baby-related right now, and likely will stay that way for the next few months. No more apologies - this is my life. Physically, in that I am increasingly limited in what and how much I can do (like sitting up or going for long walks or literally anything). Also in that I have this big bulge in the middle of my body that is either a) constantly in the way, b) squirmy, or c) rock hard and kind of painful. I have come to the painful realization that if I'm busy and on my feet in the morning, then I will be useless the rest of the day. It sucks because I keep reading about all these amazing ladies who are running/hiking long distances/100% living their lives at 39+ weeks and here I am laid out on the floor after a super easy 20min bike ride trying to get the braxton hicks to stop and be able to breathe again.

But pregnancy is different for everyone. Right? Right - well that's what I'm telling myself.

It is really hard not to have certain expectations, though, and harder still not to feel disappointed in myself when I don't live up to them.
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I feel like homeownership is an endless parade of finding things Wot Work but Really Need Fixin'. New to the list are:

- The garbage disposal. It is apparently older than we thought as well as the cheapest thing available, and it not only likes to rattle items off the counter, but it backs up without anything in it. Honestly, somewhat impressive of a feat.

- The shower drain and trap. Both also very old and both prone to backing up, which has led to sad, barely drizzling showers and an inch of standing water.

- The toilet. Which impressed the plumber we had called out (we thought all the slowness was something wrong with the main pipes) by its sheer inefficiency and age. I never dreamed of having to replace a toilet.

- The curtains. They are the cheapest plastic roller curtains available and while they work, well - actually some don't any more. Kona's destroyed one already, dad yanked too hard on another, and two more mysteriously decided to give up on us since moving in. They still do their job - screening us from the outside world - but they do it with a lot of complaining. Did I mention they're ugly?

- The countertops. Okay, this one is mostly cosmetic. They're salmon pink laminate from the 50's. It was one of the big issues we had when we looked at the house (how I laugh now) and even our real estate agent was like, change that out and you'll have no problem selling the house next time.

- A/C, or rather the lack thereof. It's going to be 89 tomorrow and 90 on Wednesday and humid and the portable a/c unit we have just can't handle that. The gorgeous 70's weather we've had these past few days have only underlined just how miserable I've been working at home in the heat. I can do it, I can cope, but omg it sucks and I can't even think about next summer. So we got an estimate and for such a tiny house it's hella cheaper than I was expecting. We'll hopefully have a/c within two weeks - just in time for it to actually start cooling down.

It's a lot. I keep reminding myself that this house was cheap as a bag of potatoes and the rest of it, the really important stuff - furnace, structure, main pipes, electrical - is 100% fine.

And all of this house stuff on top of having little to no energy because I'm 35 weeks (fuuuck) and working full time and still trying to finish unpacking and also maybe go outside sometimes and it's just been a lot. I haven't been reading for fun or writing or going for long walks or playing uke or finding friends and I miss it. I'm just so brain dead. x.x
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I turn 30 on Wednesday. It will be the first time I've worked on my birthday, which I'm a little bummed about but I can't really get around. There are a ton of meetings and I don't have any vacation/sick time left and I work at home anyway, so -

For the past five years, I've tried to make August into a small festival just for me. By making a cake each week or having special dinners or just making time for the things that make me happy. But this August has flown by without any of that, too chaotic from the move and visits and my own exhaustion.

In a way, it's fitting. I'll be hitting 30 having just bought a house, a car, and with a Lady Jr on the way. I couldn't adult more than this. Funny how I never really considered those things when I thought about turning 30 before - mostly I just wanted to have a book published by now. Yet writing is the last thing I'm doing these days.

Usually I try to set goals for my birthday, like birthday resolutions in lieu of New Year's. But this year I recognize that I have no idea what's coming. So I'm just going to go with the flow until I'm deposited on a shore somewhere and can start gathering my wits and planning again.

There is one thing I want to focus on for 30 and onwards, though, and I've already started working towards, and that's becoming strong. When I think of myself as a mom and as a Real (TM) Adult, the version I like best is the one who can lift anything and do anything and has the endurance and strength for both.

I'm not sure how to tackle this mentally, but physically - well, as an early birthday present, I filled out my bumper plate set. I can now deadlift up to 235# in the garage gym, even though right now I can barely do 160#. I want to stay strong for labor and beyond and now I have 100% no excuses. My goal until then is to visit the garage every day, even if I don't do heavy lifting.

And then after baby and recovery, I want to work on getting back to my old PR's - and surpassing them. Maybe even compete, but we'll see when I get there. I've seen and met so many badass 30 and 40-year old ladies who can deadlift 300# that I know it's 100% possible - and I want to be one of those badass ladies. I want to be that role model for Lady Jr and every other girl out there. That's where I see myself in my 30's.

As for writing... I can only trust that will come back to me. In dribs and drabbles my imagination has begun turning back on again, but I'm afraid to force it. And it sucks because I have a story that is perfect to tell right now - about the after effects of global warming, about strength and resilience, about diseases spread by mosquitoes, about phage therapy - but I can't see it.

I don't know how to get that back except to be patient and to make room for it. So that's my other goal. A little bit of room each day just for writing. I can do that.

See you soon on the other side.


Aug. 25th, 2016 09:25 am
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3rd trimester sucks.

I'm tired all the time but when I go to bed I can't sleep. I can't get comfortable even though I have a thousand pillows. And if I eat too close to bedtime, I wake up with food in my throat a few hours later.

My hips are sore from lying on my side but I can't lie on my back without feeling breathless and lightheaded. Sometimes a walk helps sort out my hips, but then I get shooting nerve pain.

It's always too hot. My hands and feet are pulsing with too much heat.

I'm hungry all the time but I don't want anything. Making food is a lot of effort even though I am literally home all day.

I feel bloated and huge. I don't like going out in public because I am so visibly pregnant. I miss being able to ghost around, unnoticed. Also I have very few clothes left that fit but I don't see the point in going and getting any more. Just put me in a muumuu and leave me.

Sometimes I get dizzy just from sitting.

On the other hand, the alternative is none of this and no Lady Jr. No one said pregnancy was easy, but damn if it isn't harder than I expected. No, scratch that - not harder, necessarily, but I thought I'd be able to deal with the discomfort easier, or at least with grace. I thought I could take the bodily changes in stride. Like everything would just happen gradually, but instead it's like BAM suddenly you can't sleep.

I am seriously questioning my intention to work until my due date.

I'm also 100% scared of labor.

And then I think about meeting Lady Jr and it all seems worth it.
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Even though it's too late to share on the actual DITL community, I took the pics, so I'mma gonna post it here. The DITL before last actually fell on our closing day, I just didn't have a computer to process the photos until the following weekend.

In which our heroine buys a house. )
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- I'm so glad we can open the windows in the morning and cool down the house. I've been obsessively checking the weather every day to make sure it's supposed to cool down and stay down this next week, because the over 90 business was miserable.

- I would not recommend being pregnant without central air. I hit the HOT ALL THE TIME part of pregnancy right when we got here, which has been difficult. We broke down on day three in the house last week and got a portable a/c unit which was brilliant, although you have to sit right next to it to feel cool. It's also a dehumidifier and it's been filling up the bucket multiple times with water every day. After living in the desert, it feels like such a waste to pour all that water down the drain, but it is literally raining hard every day.

- Everything is so GREEN. Honestly, too green.

- We have, best case scenario, two months left before baby and I'm a little freaked out. There's just so much to do. And that's just with the house. I work all day at home, but haven't had the time I thought I'd have to open boxes, put shit away, and clean. And work is about to get very very crazy as we just picked up a contract due at the end of September and we have two other deadlines for Oct 1. At least I'll be staying busy, but there goes my plan to keep one eye on email while I make the house pristine.

- I'm turning 30 at the end of this month. I have no idea how to celebrate and keep thinking I should do something amazing but it's hard to beat moving across the country, buying a house, and having a kid. Maybe something childish instead? Idk. I haven't had the bandwidth to even think about it.

- I haven't had time to read or write or art or play ukulele and I really, really need to start doing all of those things again, if only to stay sane.

- I also need to find friends here.

- Lady and I spent 10min on the front porch last night watching the fireflies with the cats and it was magical and for the first time I was sad we'd be leaving before Lady Jr could form some real memories here.
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It's been a while! We are officially moved out of the grand, arid state of Arizona and now live in Michigan as of last week. It's been an, uh, adventure!

I'm 8 months pregnant, working at home without central a/c, still have two cats, and my microbiologist wife just started her 2 year postdoc at MSU. Let's go!

Onwards! )
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While this house (it needs a name, I think) is sound structurally, every day we find another little thing that needs to be fixed. We knew we'd have to do some updating to the kitchen (and remove its pink countertops) and we knew the house didn't have a washer/dryer and we knew that everything was bland, bland, bland (white siding, white trim, beige walls, no landscaping to speak of), but then we discovered we also had/have to fix:

- the sliding glass door (it's about to come off)
- the fact that there wasn't even a *vent* for the dryer (got one installed now)
- some of the windows that just randomly close for no reason
- the front door knob, which would twist and twist and twist and never lock
- honestly, all of the locks because this was a rental
- the tub drain
- the garbage disposal (it made a kind of whining noise and then gave up when I tried to use it)
- the kitchen faucet (drip drip drip)

And that's just after living here for three days. Plus, since this was a rental, everything is new but CHEAP, so cheap. It's (mostly) functional for now, but we're going to have to replace a lot of things because a) ugly and b) it's gonna break. I hate cheap shit, it's such a waste of money and resources and it's like, it took this guy effort to buy and install it, so why couldn't he have bought something that wouldn't break after a few uses? Bah.

But the house itself is sound. Dad tested all the electrical and inspected the plumbing and he was very pleased by that job. And I have to keep reminding myself that we'd get the same shit in a rental, only we wouldn't be allowed to fix/change it. Also we're paying waaay less a month than we would for a similar rental.

I know in a few weeks when we've got a lot of this stuff fixed, a lot of the cheap shit replaced, and our stuff unpacked and put away, I'll feel a lot better. But right now I just feel overwhelmed and frazzled - which honestly, I know is typical.

Also when it fucking cools down. No a/c is shit.

Edit to add: Omega. The house's name is now Omega, because it's a vortex of the unknown, an end and a beginning, and we're probably going to perform ritualistic sacrifices here.
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We spent more time at the dealership buying our new car than we did at the title company, buying our house. Of course, that's ignoring the 30 days we spent emailing documents back and forth with the bank, but still. We went and sat down and the sellers arrived and exactly one hour later, we had keys and a handshake and were released to do whatever the hell we wanted with either.

Of course we went straight to the house. Our house. Unlocked the door, stepped inside, and thought, holy shit what have we done.

The house was still just as pristine as when we'd viewed it. Someone had recently mown the lawn. The windows are all so very clean that we spent several hours inside wondering how it was getting warmer before a clever soul realized that there was a second window. What. I mean, cool - we basically have triple-paned windows, but who the fuck puts the screen inbetween??

We've already identified a number of small fixes. Leaky faucet in the kitchen. Front doorknob likes to just keep turning instead of opening or locking. The prop for the mudroom (side door?) screen door just kind of... fell off. But honestly the big stuff is all good. New furnace, newish water heater, new carpet, functioning fridge. Gotta try out the stove today. And later, we'll have internet.

For now, though, I need to get back to trolling Craigslist for a washer/dryer.


Aug. 7th, 2016 07:20 am
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Well, after that second day/night things got a little bit better. We realized that one cat does really well the with the xanax (Darjeeling) and one cat fights it hardcore then spends the night trying to make us regret it (Kona). So the third day we didn't give Kona any of the anti-anxiety meds and she was so worn out from the day/night before that she just sort of dozed. That night she conked out in the hotel and I did too and we stopped hating each other (as much).

I wish I could say that was the end of it, but with a decent night's sleep she returned to a yowling horror the next day in the car. We were going to stop xanaxing her the rest of the trip, but she was just absolutely working herself into a froth, so. That fourth day was the worst day, between the yowling and our bank needing some last minute things and trying to do those while babysitting the cats in the car at a rest stop and not actually getting to walk around or rest and then of course it was the longest day and we still had to go through Chicago rush hour traffic and -

There were good things about the journey. Singing along to Weird Al songs. Giggling somewhat hysterically at the cats' increasingly deranged meows. The New Mexico and Colorado border (so pretty!!). The bikers in Nebraska who were super delighted by our kitties. Having dinner with my cousins in Omaha. Staying the night with Lady's aunt in Chicago. Playing Spot the Corn in Iowa. Cursing the governor of Indiana while we drove the horrific portion of I-94 in his state (the *worst* stretch of highway, hands down). Finally crossing into Michigan. The dozens of u-pick blueberry and cherry and peach and strawberry places we passed. Sturgis, whateverthefuck that is.

I'm not looking forward to doing this again in 2-3 years. I think we'll just have to take it even slower. I was even thinking of spending an extra day wherever we stopped for the night, to give both us and the cats (and Lady Jr) some actual rest. Also Kona will be tranquilized.

But we're here now and all that's in the (not terribly) distant future. Tomorrow we close on our house and get to begin moving in, even though our stuff doesn't arrive until the end of the week. Still, there will be plenty to do - utilities to set up, a washer/dryer to acquire, a fridge to stock. We'll need a new couch and chairs and some sort of stand-alone pantry for the kitchen, so to Craigslist and second-hand shops we go.

The reality that we've left AZ behind and will be here permanently hasn't settled in yet. I'm not sure how long it will take, but I need to be ready to "go back" to work by Wednesday and the next couple of weeks will be a combination of people and busy. And then it's my birthday and then it's September and almost time for Lady Jr and goodness, at least I'll be busy.
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- Don't travel with cats.

- If you must travel with cats, accept that no, your cat will not shut up by the third minute, hour, or day. They will keep yowling even as they fight falling asleep. They will yowl in the hotel room. They will yowl in your sleep. You will hear phantom yowls even when there are no cats around.

- We are driving as fast as we can and taking as short of breaks as possible because a certain somecat thinks she is dying every time we slow down/stop the car/go to a rest stop and it is Very Stressful.

- A certain somecat also won't stop walking on top of people trying to sleep or meowing every 1-3min at night or otherwise making chaotic yet constant noise.

- A certain pregnant lady has had three nights of very little/very bad sleep and is not feeling favorable to a certain somecat.

- Do. Not. Travel. With. Cats.

- Next move, Kona is getting tranquilized.
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Yesterday was a mess. We had the promises of two friends - with beaus, so four people - that they'd be able to help us pack the POD this weekend. I'd been talking to them about this for the last two months, because we'd known Lady wouldn't be able to carry much and I'd be awkwardly pregnant.

Two months.

A month ago I reminded them and got a yes! we will be there from one and a uuuuh, what day is that again? from another. We ended up moving our pack date back a day and got promises again that both would definitely be there.

Two weeks ago one was like, actually I'll be out of the country at the end of the month, but I'll be back to help that weekend. Okay, fine. We just need you Sunday for a few hours, that's it.

When I hadn't heard a peep from anyone by Sunday morning, I asked the one if she was even in town and got a reply that no, but she'd be back that night! After headdesking for a while, I reminded myself that we still had the other friend who I knew was back in town and we'd just... hadn't heard from yet... and it would be fine. We needed one extra pair of hands, really. I just needed help with the dolly so Lady wouldn't reinjure her foot.

Then I heard - she was sick, and even worse, her pet was deathly ill. No fault of her own, really she needed to be home resting, I understood.

But it was 1pm and 100 degrees and we had to get everything into the POD before it got dark and it was just me, a pregnant lady who can't front-carry anything, and my wife, recovering from tendononsis who honestly shouldn't carry more than her own weight, and I didn't know how we were going to do it and of course Pregnancy Logic (TM) meant we couldn't call any other friends at the Very Last Minute because we hadn't asked them before and no one would be available so I ugly sobbed while taking apart the bed and while trying to carry boxes out and while trying to wrangle cats.

Eventually Lady talked me out of my panicking spiral and we did call some other friends and they were able to help (BLESS THEM BLESS THEM FOREVER) and everything heavy is now in the POD and I'm only kinda sore and Lady's only kinda limping and it's going to be okay.
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I took a trip down memory lane yesterday, popping back through LJ over the years - well, over the July's.

Six years ago, at the end of July, we moved from Seattle to Tucson.

Eight years ago, at the end of July, we moved from Florida to Seattle.

Today, at the end of July, we'll finish packing and filling the POD outside our kitchen window. We won't leave until Tuesday because of appointments and painting and apartments and hotels, but we'll be continuing the age-old tradition of moving at the height of summer.

That first time we moved, we shoved everything we owned into a car and drove across the entire country. It was an epic drive and we saw many parts of the country we'd never seen before, staying with family along most of the way. I still remember the way the car struggled mightily through the Rockies and the Cascades, the way we passed through miles and hours and days of cornfields until suddenly we hit the Badlands, the way Seattle and the Sound opened up in front of us and we were there, we had done it. We'd escaped Florida.

That second time we moved, we had help moving boxes and furniture from the third floor to the truck. Lady's dad came out just to drive the truck with us down the west coast, through rain forests and redwoods and strange, dry hills, through the insane traffic of LA (never again), and then across the desert, this alien land increasingly populated by stiff, towering cacti. That trip I couldn't do anything but stare out the window, struck by the stark scenery. I'd seen a little of the SW before - once to visit while Lady interviewed, once to house-hunt - but driving through it was something else.

And now this third time, what will we see? Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, then the comforting sameness of the midwest. New places and old, a mix just like our new home. I've been to the midwest a hundred dozen times, but never lived there. I've lived at that latitude, with snow and darkness and beautiful summers, but not with two cats, not in our own house, not with a baby incoming.

There's still a lot to do. We're maybe 2/3rds packed and then we have to clean and paint and make sure the cats have everything they need and make sure what we need will fit in the car and say goodbye (I'm so bad at goodbyes) and then go. It's going to be a crazy few last days, but that's just how it goes.

And in another two (three?) July's, we'll get to do this again.

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