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Lady showcasing one of the copies for the committee:

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I'm going to finish all revisions tonight, get any last slip-ups pointed out tomorrow, and be printing the whole thing tomorrow night to hand in Friday.
Fucking sweet.
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Why does my second chapter suck so much? .-.
If nothing I've learned that things that seem perfectly fine will look like shit a week later. Bah.
But hopefully I can completely rewrite it in the next twelve hours. x.x
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On track! Finished draft of chp3 just now (it looks so cool with all the Gothic ^^) despite also having a paper due this morning which was much too painful. Now if I just write the intro and conclusion tonight then I will have all of the thesis drafts in by tomorrow. And I can start revising. Will a week to revise be enough? Hopefully. Proved already that I don't need sleep.

Still don't have my wallet. ;.; And my phone is almost dead because stupid me left the charged at my parents' house. And the brother is officially out of contact for the next 8 weeks because he decided to go to officer's training so that he could become a pilot skip my graduation. Only reason. Swear it. xp

Fetish ball next weekend? Oh jeez. Why this weekend?? Well, I'll try and go anyway but considering it's the weekend before I turn in my thesis I probably won't get to stay long. But the weekend after that... omg. So much elation. I can taste it already. The fact that this will all be turned in and hence, in effect, over with in just a week (and over with the bacc in two) does stuff for my stress that no amount of sleep and exercise has.
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I might actually get most of chapter two done today. Six pages this morning, aiming for six this afternoon, and six after tutoring, is about 18 pages, not quite the 20 I envisage, but that'll be much better than any version I have of it now and if I can get that to R by tomorrow then I'll have twice made up for an absence with a great many pages of thesis. Also I remembered I pushed back work to 5pm this weekend, which gives me an additional four hours of thesis time Saturday, which means if I don't finish chp2 today, it's okay. I can finish it Saturday. And write my paper for ancient novel on Sunday. And begin chp3 on Monday. Get most of chp3 done by Wednesday so that I have Thursday to study for the Latin and Greek midterms. This is feasible. This is very feasible. I just have to keep reminding myself of this so that the stress stops doing horrible things to my body. ;.;
Then intro and conclusion over spring break...? And whatever crazy revisions he has for me...? So that I'll be ready to bacc by the second week of April? Can this happen? Will this happen? Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease...

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