Aug. 25th, 2016 09:25 am
spryng: (books)
3rd trimester sucks.

I'm tired all the time but when I go to bed I can't sleep. I can't get comfortable even though I have a thousand pillows. And if I eat too close to bedtime, I wake up with food in my throat a few hours later.

My hips are sore from lying on my side but I can't lie on my back without feeling breathless and lightheaded. Sometimes a walk helps sort out my hips, but then I get shooting nerve pain.

It's always too hot. My hands and feet are pulsing with too much heat.

I'm hungry all the time but I don't want anything. Making food is a lot of effort even though I am literally home all day.

I feel bloated and huge. I don't like going out in public because I am so visibly pregnant. I miss being able to ghost around, unnoticed. Also I have very few clothes left that fit but I don't see the point in going and getting any more. Just put me in a muumuu and leave me.

Sometimes I get dizzy just from sitting.

On the other hand, the alternative is none of this and no Lady Jr. No one said pregnancy was easy, but damn if it isn't harder than I expected. No, scratch that - not harder, necessarily, but I thought I'd be able to deal with the discomfort easier, or at least with grace. I thought I could take the bodily changes in stride. Like everything would just happen gradually, but instead it's like BAM suddenly you can't sleep.

I am seriously questioning my intention to work until my due date.

I'm also 100% scared of labor.

And then I think about meeting Lady Jr and it all seems worth it.

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