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So. Lots of things this week. We'll go with list format, since I'm sleepy.
- Investigated UW law school
- Sent resume to law firm that does judicial foreclosures; hopefully it will kill or reaffirm interest in law. Barring that, higher pay maybe? I've been asking for a raise at work since February now, and have gotten nothing but empty promises.
- Somehow managed to get into a spiffy awesome photo project with the squeezable Kyle freaking Cassidy. This has pleased me more than it should.
- This week is the week of photography, apparently. I've been wanting a good camera since the beginning of this year and have been reading up on specs and whatnot. That culminated in me getting a freaking awesome camera today. Expect way too many pictures in the coming weeks as I play with it.
- Overcome the block that kept me at mere words a day on Mili. Chapter four will be done this weekend. I have to rewrite it, because it's REALLY BAD, but hell, it'll be done.
- Rediscovered Beatles. Mmm. Beatles.
- Getting Stuff done at work. It's a good feeling knowing that yeah, I can get a DIL done in three weeks when I haven't inherited tons of problems from the previous DIL person.
- Summer starts next weekend -- how should I celebrate? I have no access to bonfires. Perhaps I'll stay up all night. I would love to go out to the non-city and gaze at the stars, but night comes so late and ends so early. I go to bed when it's light out and wake up when it's light out. Bizarre.
- More fear. I've started taking my pills again to make it go away. I hate the fear.
- I think I fear stasis. Being where I am now a year from now terrifies me. I need to keep moving. Life needs to keep moving. Stagnation fills me with dread.
- Hence looking at other options for my life. What do I do? What interests me? What can I use to support myself while I fail at writing?

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