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Although we've been going through some serious sleep regression lately - see: a baby who used to sleep 4-5 hours at night now sleep 1.5-2 - everyday life with baby has gotten so much easier. Especially, you know, now that I'm not sick.

Parts are still hard - when she fusses for no apparent reason, when she spits up (seemingly) everything, when she is so so tired but won't sleep - but many more parts have become quite enjoyable.

- Walking through the snow with her strapped to my chest and listening to her snorts and sighs as she sleeps.
- Watching her sleep at night (shh, it's not as creepy as you think)
- Putting her pantsless on the playmat and watching her wiggle and roll while she babbles ceaselessly
- Greeting her when she's woken up in the morning and getting so many smiles
- Listening to her coo to herself in the middle of the night
- Seeing her smile at Dr Lady when she enters baby's field of vision
- Honestly, all of the noises she makes
- Put her on my lap while I do crunches and the expression she makes when I kiss her forehead at the top of each crunch
- The way she happily shoves her toys in her mouth
- When she chatters non-stop in the car after we pick her up from daycare
- Her open-mouthed stare
- Her (sometimes desperate) need to sit up
- The footie claws on her dinosaur pajamas
- This face

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