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Jan. 28th, 2017 08:10 am
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Fuck this week.

At first I thought it was a good thing that I was sick and out of it for the inauguration. But alas, being under the weather this week just meant even more time to watch the world burn. I was panicking by Monday. By Friday, I was a wreck.

I keep thinking, it can't be as bad as it seems, right? This isn't *actually* a theo-fascist takeover that will end in the destruction of our country, right? But then I think, that kind of complacency is what allows a theo-fascist takeover to happen. Then I panic some more.

I keep thinking: my same-sex marriage is public record and Pence is going to be POTUS as soon as the republicans are done blaming Cheeto for all the unpopular stuff they've been wanting to do. I keep thinking: they've barred any refugees but Christians from entering and I am not a Christian. I keep thinking: Cheeto's going to dismantle the EPA because he doesn't believe in climate change, when will he come after evolutionary science because he doesn't believe in evolution? Fuck, science in general? Will my wife be able to find a job in two years? Will we ever be able to leave Michigan?

I keep thinking: we need to save as much money as possible because our future is so uncertain. I keep thinking: but we also need to pay for second parent adoption because they *will* come after same-sex marriage.

I keep thinking: what kind of world are we raising a child in?

I keep thinking: I have family who support this man and his vision of our future. I have family who cheer when he denounces the press and cuts off abortion funding. Will they cheer when he comes for us?

I keep thinking: in high school during the WWII lessons, we all wondered how the Germans didn't see what was coming, why they didn't stand up sooner.

I keep thinking: now we know.

On top of all this panic, I have to somehow work and write and continue to function. I need to stop going to Facebook or news pages or Twitter, but I'm almost more afraid of what I'll come back to. But I also really need to take care of myself, so for this weekend, I'm going to try.

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