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It's times like these that I'm glad I don't have cable. Just from the few glimpses I've gotten of it online, media coverage of this pandemic has been insane. Yay, misinformation! My favorite bit is WHO's insistence that only 7 deaths have been confirmed, but media's continued use of the much larger number. Oy.

In the spirit of things, I played Pandemic II again the other night and wholly failed to wipe out Madagascar. So close, too. They just happened to close their port as soon as the disease really started spreading. It amuses me that the maps in the media for zombie man-bird-pig flu are very similar to the maps in pandemic II.

Work is stressing me out. I need to talk to one of the boss ladies and request permission to drop some of my duties, because as it is I'm a month behind and I need more than the occasional day or two without audit dumps to make any headway.

Hugo packet!!!11 I signed up to be a non-attending member of Anticipation 09 to get the Hugo Awards packet and be able to vote. The Hugo awards are for SF/F works, from graphic novels to full novels and fanzines and the packet includes all of the works up for the award. To give you an idea of the awesomeness of the packet, Gaiman's Graveyard Book and Scalzi's Zoe's Tale are up for the novel award.

Stopped work on GOU due to frustration and boredom. I just couldn't get myself to work on it anymore, half because there are some plot points I still need to resolve and haven't been able to and half because I reached the part where it all feels like shit and couldn't convince myself otherwise. I've turned to yea old I.J.N.E.a.D. for something refreshing and just to keep myself writing. Needs a better working title than that, especially since it's no longer a.D. Right now just re-reading the a.D. version and translating it so I have something to work off that doesn't require jumping through language barrier hoops at the same time I'm trying to fix plot problems.

Two and a half weeks to FL. Lady and I realized the other day, what with our sweltering mid-60s weather, how hard we're going to die once we re-enter FL hardcore heat and humidity. Ah, acclimation.
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I’m writing and editing this at work to actually get something written for LJ for once. It’s been over a week since I last posted, I realized. Anyway – I’ve got several things to focus on for the next six months – reading, writing, and studying. I’ve got all that Greek to work on, Guardians to edit, and much to read. Speaking of which, I need things to read. I haven’t had a chance to read for fun for a while, and now I’m going to make books do the double duty of both being a way to make the bus ride more fun and also to cut them horribly apart and maybe learn something. I recently finished both Terry Pratchett’s Making Money and Gail Martin’s The Summoner. Right now I’ve just started on Tad William’s War of the Flowers, which is both thick and… different. It's taken nearly 100 pages to get properly into it, which I s'pose is only fitting when it's over 800 pages long.

But I'll wait to judge that until I've read it. Instead, I’d rather <s>tear apart</s> review the book I just finished. )

We have so much furniture now. Lady's mom came last weekend and bought us a dresser and while at the furniture place I caved and got a coffee table and some shelves for our books, so now we have more room for books and a place to put delicious beverages. That and all of our clothes fit in the dresser. Is good. I have a desk, too, courtesy of my mom, which I still have to put together. I'm a little pooped from putting so much furniture together, but now I can't imagine wanting anything more. Well, I mean, aside from a nice vacation and a finished novel, but I can only wish and work on those.

Three year anniversary this weekend. ^-^ And moreover, we have Monday off of work. It's rather nice being paid to not be there. But this weekend... dunno what to do. I love her so much and I want to show my appreciation with food, but there're just so many excellent food places here... sometimes I feel a bit spoiled.

I should be getting a raise at work next week. And probably switching to Deed in Lieu completely, which is cool, because then I get the people who actually want to get rid of their homes instead of those cheating the system or in bad times. Either way, I really want out of the foreclosure business. It's sucking at my soul a little bit at a time. I mean, I do have job security, but I would much rather be doing things that help people. Call me a humanitarian. I'd better get into grad school.

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