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Ended up coming home early again today anyway. That's what I get for claiming I'm not sick anymore. Felt all woozy and fainty and just couldn't get anything done, and apparently was scaring the coworkers a little to boot. So home and more sleep and then baking in the apartment because it's over 80 out and we haven't got a fan let alone a/c. Let it rain please. Or at least give us some clouds.

Edited chapter two of Mili a bit. Still lacking in parts, but I suspect they'll find ways to be fleshed out after I've established more of the plot. Now that I'm not sick nor traveling far and distant places maybe I can get back to this writing thing and get a chapter a week done. That would be lovely.

Chapter Two )
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Blargh. Looks like I have a fever. Which is news because, hot damn, I haven't had a fever since possibly middle school. I'm fairly impressed. It could possibly be the zombie flu. In which case, I apologize in advance for any inconvenience when I eat your brains.

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