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So. Lots of things this week. We'll go with list format, since I'm sleepy.
- Investigated UW law school
- Sent resume to law firm that does judicial foreclosures; hopefully it will kill or reaffirm interest in law. Barring that, higher pay maybe? I've been asking for a raise at work since February now, and have gotten nothing but empty promises.
- Somehow managed to get into a spiffy awesome photo project with the squeezable Kyle freaking Cassidy. This has pleased me more than it should.
- This week is the week of photography, apparently. I've been wanting a good camera since the beginning of this year and have been reading up on specs and whatnot. That culminated in me getting a freaking awesome camera today. Expect way too many pictures in the coming weeks as I play with it.
- Overcome the block that kept me at mere words a day on Mili. Chapter four will be done this weekend. I have to rewrite it, because it's REALLY BAD, but hell, it'll be done.
- Rediscovered Beatles. Mmm. Beatles.
- Getting Stuff done at work. It's a good feeling knowing that yeah, I can get a DIL done in three weeks when I haven't inherited tons of problems from the previous DIL person.
- Summer starts next weekend -- how should I celebrate? I have no access to bonfires. Perhaps I'll stay up all night. I would love to go out to the non-city and gaze at the stars, but night comes so late and ends so early. I go to bed when it's light out and wake up when it's light out. Bizarre.
- More fear. I've started taking my pills again to make it go away. I hate the fear.
- I think I fear stasis. Being where I am now a year from now terrifies me. I need to keep moving. Life needs to keep moving. Stagnation fills me with dread.
- Hence looking at other options for my life. What do I do? What interests me? What can I use to support myself while I fail at writing?
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Taking Lady with me to work today; she has an interview with boss-lady. Here's hoping they have something for her when we get back.

Henna-ed my hair yesterday. Second of the triennial dyeings. The bright red fades within a few days, but it does give my hair some color for months afterward. I never thought I'd still be doing this when I started hennaing my hair five/six years ago, but, well, I let it go for a long time once and it just got so dull.

Tomorrow is leaving day. I checked the weather for the week to see if I might even remotely need a jacket (aside from needing it inside, of course), and it's supposed to be thunderstorms and in the 80s. Yup. Sounds about right. Also, this week in Seattle it'll be in the 70s, which means it'll really be nearly 80, which, since we're without a/c, I'll be glad to avoid. There's a big difference between 90+ and having a decent a/c and 80+ and all you can do is open the windows.

So, tomorrow is all day traveling. We get into Orlando at 9pm, hunt down Benni, steal her apartment. Wednesday we'll bum around WS/Oviedo for a bit, see old haunts and whatnot (and try and find the Oviedo chickens for Lady), before having lunch with Benni and then heading on over to Sarasota. Three hours later, attack Ana. Eat Ana's brain for the following three days. See her graduate, along with all the other awesome peoples. Leave for Orlando Saturday afternoon, eat Benni's brains and then fly home early early Sunday morning.

Now for work!
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When it rains in Florida, it pours.
Yesterday must've been a Florida day.
Somehow I can go weeks and weeks with nothing out of the daily grind ever happening, and yet in one day I got shunted downstairs, got a new job, made a new friend, gave boss-lady Lady's resume, got pretty much promised that they'd find her a job (boss-lady's words: "even if we have to restructure", plus, she's knows some people at the university that she'll show the resume to if they really can't find her anything here), had the weirdest lunch period in a long time, and had the bus blow a tire on the way home. Decided that, since everyone else was going to the next bus stop, I'd walk to the one before it. Ran several blocks only to just miss that bus, got on the next bus and found that the bus stop everyone else had been to was barely 50ft from where our bus broke down. *shbs*
So yesterday was not that out there, but for me and my very boring weeks and days, it was a lot. Yay for Lady, though. I'm so excited that she might get a job soon.
Now I'm going to work on Mili before going to work.
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At least my insane, two-person workload makes the day go by very quickly. Although it gave me nightmares last week, because I'm falling so behind with some of my projects and it doesn't look like I'll be getting a break any time soon. And the problem is, that's kind of how the whole company is operating right now, at breakneck speed, since we're taking on more than we can handle while trying to hire and train more people each week.

Speaking of nightmares, I had a very vivid dream about being shot in the leg last night. Huh. Well, at least someone was trying to kill me, so it's all good.

Haven't been updating not so much because I haven't got anything to say but because I wasn't going to let myself update till the next chapter was edited. It kinda worked, too; there were a number of times I was about to get onto LJ and post and instead diverted my attention to that. So chapter five is done and my project to finish before Ana and Dan'o get here is chapter six. Almost halfway. And then I'll have to go back and fix things again, but at least I'm learning something about all this.

That little progress paragraph that's kinda fun to do. )

Like said before, Ana and Dan'o are coming next Thursday and hopefully I'll have Friday off. I say hopefully because I originally requested the day off, and Monday, in January, then was told to put my request in their new-fangled online system in February, and following up in March was told to give them another paper request. *facepalm* So I have no idea if it's been approved or not, but I will not be there. I need the day off. These past three weeks have sucked bad.

Speaking of which, I'll be going to IL with mom and potentially brother beginning of April to see grandma and grandpa. I changed my tickets for July last Saturday, since that event is probably not going to happen anymore. He's not doing well at all, and, well, we have no idea how long he's got. But he's been sent home with hospice which means many things, and I, well. I'm just glad I got to see them both last summer.
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I’m writing and editing this at work to actually get something written for LJ for once. It’s been over a week since I last posted, I realized. Anyway – I’ve got several things to focus on for the next six months – reading, writing, and studying. I’ve got all that Greek to work on, Guardians to edit, and much to read. Speaking of which, I need things to read. I haven’t had a chance to read for fun for a while, and now I’m going to make books do the double duty of both being a way to make the bus ride more fun and also to cut them horribly apart and maybe learn something. I recently finished both Terry Pratchett’s Making Money and Gail Martin’s The Summoner. Right now I’ve just started on Tad William’s War of the Flowers, which is both thick and… different. It's taken nearly 100 pages to get properly into it, which I s'pose is only fitting when it's over 800 pages long.

But I'll wait to judge that until I've read it. Instead, I’d rather <s>tear apart</s> review the book I just finished. )

We have so much furniture now. Lady's mom came last weekend and bought us a dresser and while at the furniture place I caved and got a coffee table and some shelves for our books, so now we have more room for books and a place to put delicious beverages. That and all of our clothes fit in the dresser. Is good. I have a desk, too, courtesy of my mom, which I still have to put together. I'm a little pooped from putting so much furniture together, but now I can't imagine wanting anything more. Well, I mean, aside from a nice vacation and a finished novel, but I can only wish and work on those.

Three year anniversary this weekend. ^-^ And moreover, we have Monday off of work. It's rather nice being paid to not be there. But this weekend... dunno what to do. I love her so much and I want to show my appreciation with food, but there're just so many excellent food places here... sometimes I feel a bit spoiled.

I should be getting a raise at work next week. And probably switching to Deed in Lieu completely, which is cool, because then I get the people who actually want to get rid of their homes instead of those cheating the system or in bad times. Either way, I really want out of the foreclosure business. It's sucking at my soul a little bit at a time. I mean, I do have job security, but I would much rather be doing things that help people. Call me a humanitarian. I'd better get into grad school.
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Whew, that was a week if I ever had one. We did and saw many things, but it left me wholly unprepared to go back to work today. Maybe I'll write more about the Exciting Things later, but since it's almost my bedtime, I figure I'll focus just on today.

After being away nearly a week, my desk was a mess. ;.; I mean, it's good people did my work (even though they missed Very Important Things that I had expressly urged them to do). And I got a name tag in the mean time for my desk, although I rejected it because they spelled my name wrong. How is it so hard to spell? Really? I've got one of the more generic British names and yet somehow I have to specify the spelling every single time. I'm not angry, just... bewildered. Oh well, it'll garner some laughs for a while and then I'll get a sticky and cover that 'e' with an 'a'.

Evaluations are up for me and Ben, who were hired at the same time. And boss lady urged us to get our self-evals in as quickly as possible so as to secure as much monies as possible for a raise. Woo! I would rather like one of those. I have no idea as to what to expect in the way of a raise, only that it should better be more than what Publix gave me.

Speaking of monies, Lady's got a job interview. I probably shouldn't think of it as too foregone of a conclusion, but zomg, it'd be nice not to have to worry about February.

I got leggings while mum and dad was here and they are super wonderful with my brown skirt. I think I need more of these. Yay for wearing something besides the pair of pants that I've been wearing for the last... two... months...

Oh, I want to get into grad school so badly. I don't even want to think about the very real possibility of not getting in. I have absolutely no plans for that eventuality. Aside from crying, a lot, of course.

It's time to pick up the Greek again. In the meantime, sleep.
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Better today. Much better. Still have a headache, but it doesn't bother me as much. And today I had my first feeling of joy for winter. It's coming, and soon. This weekend it might even snow. And a week from then it'll be the darkest day, but then it will get brighter. Mmm, sun. I had a dream last night where the sun came out and I got a burn. Certainly not wishful thinking at all.

Mm, but yes, for Saturday:
"Low: 30 °F RealFeel®: 23 °F
Cold with snow at times, accumulating an inch or two"

Brr! I want it so badly - I want to go out and dance in the snow and take pictures and let it catch on my face and hands. Oh, I love snow as only a Floridian can.

Work is better. Now that the sadness has lifted a bit, I find I'm not listening into Bitchy and Bitchy 2's conversations as much and assuming everything horrible they're saying is about me. Because it's not. And frankly, I do much more in trying to make sure these docs are right than the person before me ever did or anyone really expects me to, so they can shut their traps. I don't care about them anymore. They're both horrible and negative and passive aggressive and I have better things to worry about. It still amuses me that I get along much better with the guys in the office than any of the girls, though. I used to have such a problem with even talking to guys... well, things certainly change.

It's Yule planning time! I haven't a clue what to do, now that it'll be just lady and I. My parents aren't coming until after Christmas. We have a tree and I want to make food - but what other traditions can we assimilate? A fire, certainly. And cider. And I'll be making cookies this weekend, partially to take into the office, partially for ourselves... hmm. And snow! Not that I can make it snow. If I could, it'd probably snow a little every morning. Just a light dusting, and a foot or two on the weekends.

But enough prattling. I have some much neglected Greek translating to get to. But yes - so much better. I just hope it lasts.

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