Jul. 7th, 2009 06:52 pm
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This houseboat, I want it. For some reason, despite it's incredible affordability and adorability, I can't quite sell Lady on it. Possibly because it's itsy bitsy and well, a boat? But it's on the water! And it's so adorable! Aaaaaahhh...

This isn't entirely serious, but I have started looking at condos and townhouses in a curious manner because, with our combined monies, we might be able to afford something small now. And it would be nice to be paying off a mortgage instead of shoveling money into the black hole that is rent. Even though by now I should be well scared off from mortgages, you'd think. Tja.

I accepted the promotion today, even though they couldn't quite meet what I was asking for in a raise. Well, it might have been slightly too much, anyway. But I can try. I don't know when it'll start, but I stipulated that I have to have someone well-trained in DILs first. My contact at BofA has come to effuse at me a great deal and I really don't want to leave her with someone incompetent. Especially since she's also from Florida. We Floridians have to stick together in this cold, dry North.

Lady seems to be doing well, now that she has her own computer and can work on files herself. I think it helps her self-esteem/confidence a lot just to have a job again. And soon a paycheck! I'll stop talking about money soon, I promise. It's just nice after these many months. I was seriously wondering if we'd surpass a year.

So - back to editing photos to upload to my flickr account and to make a photo post about SD. If not tonight, tomorrow definitely. And I'll lj-cut it this time, too.

But one more thing, since [ profile] kylecassidy has finally announced it. A few weekends back, I might have mentioned something about taking a lot of photographs. This was part of a super secret project wherein awesome photographer Kyle Freaking Cassidy recruited 23 of his blog followers to take a picture of whatever they were looking at when he sent them a text message. Thus resulted The Hive. Go take a gander - it's an interesting glimpse into the lives of 23 people. Some really awesome photos resulted and, naturally, some decidedly bland (mostly mine). See if you can spot Lady!
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Although I think the fruit flies have a better deal with the banana.

It's May. When did that happen? How is time passing by so quickly? I realize and notice each day, try and grapple with it and slow it down, while wanting to speed them along to the weekend. I can't wait for Lady to have a job. I want so badly to drop down to part time and write. And yes, also to better wrestle with time. I don't appreciate it's speediness, even though I want this part to go by quickly. Life is too precious to just get through each day. The debilitating panic attacks taught me that at least.

Those attacks are gone now. For how long, I don't know. I doubt they're gone for good. But man it's nice. I forgot how different things are when you're not terrified all the time, and terrified of becoming terrified.

Anyway. It's May. I just got promoted - upgraded? - again, which is all good and stuff, but they still haven't given me a raise. I'm trying, though. And it sounds like boss-lady is actually going to ask for it on my behalf this time. I'm tired of making a few cents more than what I made doing the really easy, no-brains stuff I did when I started. I've got so much more responsibility now and I just do so much. It's bullshit what they're paying me. I'd leave, but, well. That whole economy thing. So really, I should be happy that I even have a job. Well. At least the upgrade looks like my workload will become more manageable. Woot. Special Assets. It sounds... 'special.'

I jumped from GOU to the apocalyptic zombie novel, and now I've switched from that Mili's story. I've settled and stayed there for a few weeks now, so I think I'll keep on it. Her story contains the undead as well, at least. Undead assassins, the best kind. I'm thinking I might try and write and polish the story as I go along instead of the usual write-until-it's-crap I do. I want to post it up as I go along, too. Would anyone be interested in that? I think that was part of the motivating force behind writing OIBM back in the day - I had an audience, even if it might have been a fictional audience. Knowing that I might have somebody reading it, possibly even waiting for it, that helps a lot. So... does anybody want to feign interest? I'll pay you. xp

Next week - Florida. I still can't wrap my head around it. It's dropped back down into the 40s here. And it's so green and alive. I love it.

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