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I finished the War of the Flowers, sped through Agent to the Stars, and am now on Tower of Shadows. Oh reading - I've missed it. Although it means I haven't been spending as much time working on Greek or editing. It's fine, it's fine. But I do want to continue doing little thought-blurbs on each book.
Thought-blurb for WotF )

Hopefully today lady and I will be going to see Coraline. This should be an excellent adventure. Yesterday we spent with her friend Amber in Mulkiteo, eating cake and watching Buffy. You would be proud, Ana-cakes. <3

Work is doing mighty fine. The two horrible women have been moved downstairs and suddenly half my stress is gone. I've been told rather plainly by boss-lady that they will do many things to keep me and that she's trying to get me a better raise. I've also been offered a job in title, which would be much more interesting than what I've been doing, although I'm trying to keep the deed in lieu portion. I'm such a perfectionist - I want to get DILs up to date and with a system before leaving it. ^^()

I'm still way too tired when I get home and still fighting with the feeling of not actually doing anything with my life and still just trying to get myself to edit. Ah well. At least I can drink coffee again and the headaches are mostly gone.
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I’m writing and editing this at work to actually get something written for LJ for once. It’s been over a week since I last posted, I realized. Anyway – I’ve got several things to focus on for the next six months – reading, writing, and studying. I’ve got all that Greek to work on, Guardians to edit, and much to read. Speaking of which, I need things to read. I haven’t had a chance to read for fun for a while, and now I’m going to make books do the double duty of both being a way to make the bus ride more fun and also to cut them horribly apart and maybe learn something. I recently finished both Terry Pratchett’s Making Money and Gail Martin’s The Summoner. Right now I’ve just started on Tad William’s War of the Flowers, which is both thick and… different. It's taken nearly 100 pages to get properly into it, which I s'pose is only fitting when it's over 800 pages long.

But I'll wait to judge that until I've read it. Instead, I’d rather <s>tear apart</s> review the book I just finished. )

We have so much furniture now. Lady's mom came last weekend and bought us a dresser and while at the furniture place I caved and got a coffee table and some shelves for our books, so now we have more room for books and a place to put delicious beverages. That and all of our clothes fit in the dresser. Is good. I have a desk, too, courtesy of my mom, which I still have to put together. I'm a little pooped from putting so much furniture together, but now I can't imagine wanting anything more. Well, I mean, aside from a nice vacation and a finished novel, but I can only wish and work on those.

Three year anniversary this weekend. ^-^ And moreover, we have Monday off of work. It's rather nice being paid to not be there. But this weekend... dunno what to do. I love her so much and I want to show my appreciation with food, but there're just so many excellent food places here... sometimes I feel a bit spoiled.

I should be getting a raise at work next week. And probably switching to Deed in Lieu completely, which is cool, because then I get the people who actually want to get rid of their homes instead of those cheating the system or in bad times. Either way, I really want out of the foreclosure business. It's sucking at my soul a little bit at a time. I mean, I do have job security, but I would much rather be doing things that help people. Call me a humanitarian. I'd better get into grad school.

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