Jan. 1st, 2009 09:05 am
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Mum and dad came on Tuesday, so I've been spending the last few days with them. I've had off of work since Monday, too, which has been excellent, although already my sleep schedule is majorly messed up.

New Year's Eve was spent with family, watching a movie and then sitting around talking. Very simple and somehow better than many past new year's eves. And now it's 2009, which is a very odd number and inbetween two seemingly more real years, 2008 and 2010. I think part of it is when I was younger I never really envisioned my life past 2008, partially because I still didn't know what I would be doing after college. And now, well, I still don't know.

2008 was a lot of things. A lot less drama. A lot less pain. A little more fear. A lot less plans and a lot more winging it. I never would've expected to end up with this job I have, nor find it as interesting as it is. I certainly don't want to keep it for more than a year, but it has taught me a lot. Seattle has been good. I love the weather and the changing seasons and the public transportation and the food and so many other things - I still miss people, though. But I'll be seeing them this coming year. Looking for tickets to visit FL already. Some are actually pretty cheap, if we fly into Orlando. Those will probably be bought in the next few days.

Thesis consumed the rest of the year and defined what I want to do now. I know I like the research and I know I like to teach and I know I can actually write something substantial and potentially good.

2009, reflecting a lot of 2008, will be very uncertain. I'm hoping I'll get into grad school, but I don't know if I will and if I don't, I don't really know what I'll do then. I would have to consider applying elsewhere, which is normal and smart, but I really don't want to move again so soon. Part of the chance I took in coming out here first, I know. Hopefully my freakishly amazing luck will hold out. So I don't have a clue what 2009 will bring. I know a few set things - that lady's mom will be visiting in a few weeks, that Ana and Dan'o will be here in March, and that lady and I will be in FL for graduation. I'll be working where I'm working until the summer, probably, when I'll decide what to do with it depending on whether or not I got into school. Nothing largely exciting like in the last two years.

In light of that, I will try valiantly to achieve these things:
- Fully edit one of my first drafts. That entails rewriting as well as deep edits and making it publish worthy. By summer, preferably.
- Complete a first draft of Sen.
- Read as many books as humanly possible.
- Finish translating Plato's Ion and Homer's Hymn to Hermes.
- Practice my latin as well by retranslating something.
- Make friends that I can actually hang out with.
- Try harder to be fit. I walk a lot now, but I need to use the elliptical more. When it's no longer dark in the evening when I come home, I should start running again.
- Remember that I'm still rather young and I haven't wasted my life yet.


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