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So. Lots of things this week. We'll go with list format, since I'm sleepy.
- Investigated UW law school
- Sent resume to law firm that does judicial foreclosures; hopefully it will kill or reaffirm interest in law. Barring that, higher pay maybe? I've been asking for a raise at work since February now, and have gotten nothing but empty promises.
- Somehow managed to get into a spiffy awesome photo project with the squeezable Kyle freaking Cassidy. This has pleased me more than it should.
- This week is the week of photography, apparently. I've been wanting a good camera since the beginning of this year and have been reading up on specs and whatnot. That culminated in me getting a freaking awesome camera today. Expect way too many pictures in the coming weeks as I play with it.
- Overcome the block that kept me at mere words a day on Mili. Chapter four will be done this weekend. I have to rewrite it, because it's REALLY BAD, but hell, it'll be done.
- Rediscovered Beatles. Mmm. Beatles.
- Getting Stuff done at work. It's a good feeling knowing that yeah, I can get a DIL done in three weeks when I haven't inherited tons of problems from the previous DIL person.
- Summer starts next weekend -- how should I celebrate? I have no access to bonfires. Perhaps I'll stay up all night. I would love to go out to the non-city and gaze at the stars, but night comes so late and ends so early. I go to bed when it's light out and wake up when it's light out. Bizarre.
- More fear. I've started taking my pills again to make it go away. I hate the fear.
- I think I fear stasis. Being where I am now a year from now terrifies me. I need to keep moving. Life needs to keep moving. Stagnation fills me with dread.
- Hence looking at other options for my life. What do I do? What interests me? What can I use to support myself while I fail at writing?


Jun. 9th, 2009 09:07 pm
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June has always been an insubstantial month for me. When I think of June, nothing really comes to mind. No school, yes, but that is also a void. June is heat. June is mid-summer. June is so far from the first cold fronts of November. June is not the beginning of summer. Summer begins in April, after that last luke-warm breath of March. June is thunderstorms in earnest. Time spent in the pool. Time spent near the pool, fishing out bugs and lizards. Mowing the lawn at 8am on Saturday, not because it was cooler, but because it was much less likely to be raining. But these things are summer, not June in particular.
Now, June is different. June has a flavor. Spring is clearly at an end. Spring, which I've only lived through once before, petering out in gasps of color here and there. Not so much petering in the Pacific NW, but rather the smaller, vibrant spring flowers are giving way to the big, lazy, but longer-lasting flowers of summer. There's a definite difference, which I'd never noticed before. Of course, most of these flowers and plants I've never seen before. Summer here is variety, in more ways than one. And June is the beginning of that.
June here is lying in grass that doesn't scratch and watching fat ants crawl across the wood, ants which you haven't seen in months and nearly forgot existed. Bees are out in abundance, making boots out of pollen. Where have they been all winter and springs? Where did they go? I picture bees nestled tightly together in their hives while outside it snows, buzzing sleepily to each other about the last summer and the summer to come.
June here is berries, strawberries and nectarines and pluots, frozen yoghurt and chilled blueberry tea. Real berries will come later; the thorny and crotchety blackberry bushes are just now blooming.
June here is green things, crisp lettuces and cucumbers, fresh basil and spinach. Cool cucumber soup has never sounded so appealing. The bright green fingers of new growth on the evergreens and the light green new leaves of spring turning a darker shade with age. Landscape and places we haven't seen or been to since winter are so vastly different with color that we don't recognize them.
June is wanting the clouds again. June is wanting the misty rain. June is an excitement for summer which I've never had before.

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