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Working on my application - can someone tell me what a credit is again? Is it how many hours a class is a week? I'm never sure. Oh NCF and your lack of grades and credits. I love you, but man, it feels a little odd leaving GPA and whatnot blank.

The anxiety is getting kind of out of hand. I've started using the elliptical, though, even if it is shitty and loud. Exercise is good. But I still can't wait for January and it's promise of insurance. I'm starting to consider drugs, because really, it's been a year and a half and it's still here. Sometimes worse, sometimes better, but still here.

Back to the application - those of you who took Medieval Latin with me - do you remember what texts we translated? There's this awesome part of the app where I get to fill it out with everything I've read in Latin and I'd like to include those, if I can, but I haven't got the papers anymore. ;.;

Mm, the year is ending and it's getting to be that introspective, looking back on things time. A number of people have posted that recurring meme of taking the first line from the first post of each month. I looked back to see if that would actually show how the year went and was surprised at just how little I've been posting this year. On average of four or five posts a month, as opposed to the days when I'd post nearly every day... man.

Lj-cut for your benefit. )

This is the spring-time of my youth!

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