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Today was a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which is a yearly thing through the month of April where city dwellers can come out into the country and glory at the wonders of flowering plants. Aah, tulips. Fields upon fields of them, in every color imaginable. And in the field? People. Tons and tons. I s'pose I had been vaguely forewarned that it would be a crowded event, but I rather wish someone had made me a chart. The street fair alone was insane. Cool, but insane. Still, I'm glad we went - won't really need to go again any time soon. Next on my list - lavender festival in July. Hopefully it won't be as bad...?

Finished Shadowbridge today, one of the books I bought back in February with my delicious Christmas money. It was good - and strange. It's world is a series of interconnected bridges, called spans, which are each a nation in their own right and seem to pop up out of nowhere. Only towards the end did one of the characters begin to question the nature of their existence, which I had been waiting for the entire time. Thankfully, there is a sequel and as opposed to other recent novels I've picked up only to discover that they're a series, this one's sequel is already out. I might put up a better, more thorough review late - I feel like this one merits it.

And speaking of books, current wordy project is stuck. I've so changed the current chapter I'm editing that I'm not entirely sure how to wind it back to where it was going or whether it needs to be wound back at all. Which makes it easier for me not to work on it, since I can just claim "I haven't figured out how to fix it yet!" and put it off. But June is fast approaching and I must stick to my deadline...

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70s. This number has become extraordinary to me. I hope I can withstand the heat. xp

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