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I was going to write about how much this week sucks and how much yesterday sucks (ended up going into work anyway), but then I checked my BOA account for my paycheck and found much more than expected. o.o So I guess it can't be all bad. Either way, I'm going to spruce up this week with a few delicious books. Any suggestions? I'm currently reading Gormenghast and am looking for further fantasy/sci-fi books. Or zombies. I'd love an excellent zombie novel.

Since I didn't get into grad school, I'm turning all of my rejection-induced rage towards finishing GOU's first edit. I rather like Cherie Priest's means of reporting progress on her stories and am also looking for a way to feel like I'm somehow obliged to keep going. You know - have a sort of goal for each day in a public place so that I can shame myself for not keeping up with the goal. Good times.

Today's goal is to finish editing chapter four by Sunday. I guess that really isn't today's goal, but, well. There are three pages left to edit/rewrite/sift through. It's more of a complete rehaul than an edit, anyway, since most everything is being rewritten. Man, that first draft was shitty. But hey, no one ever said they weren't supposed to be.

Had a horrible dream last night that reflected all of my pent up rage and depression from the day. Culminated in being forced to work until 1:30am. o.O Just like Publix times - no leaving until everything is done.

Well, time for that work thing. Wish my laptop were smaller so it'd be easier to take with me. Wish I were better at working with words on paper. Maybe I should wish for some horses too, eh?

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