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Outside today I noticed that it smelled like fall. The angle and quality of light, the not-quite-full warmth of the full sun, the almost cold wind blowing from the north, and something on that wind, something that brought up memories of apples and orange leaves. It was an incredibly vivid moment and although we're only at the end of August, autumn is coming up fast.

Autumn is officially my favorite season and I'm especially looking forward to any and all opportunities to capture the vibrant colors with my awesome camera. Also the foods: apples, cider, squashes, pumpkins, peppers, pomegranates, pears, turnips, artichokes... zomg. Apple picking! I fully intend to overdose in apples this autumn.

But beyond the foods, this autumn is going to be very busy. Lady and I hope to visit some universities in Oregon and PAX is coming up and Lady has to take the GRE one weekend and the GRE Subject another, and there's the Zoo which we have to go to, and we were also planning to go to Victoria this fall, but it looks like we might now make it, and Thanksgiving, and NaNo, and her birthday, and Halloween, a weekend of apple picking, and and and. Thankfully these will all be weekend endeavors, since I've taken so much time off from work already, but wow. I'm looking forward to it all, though; I love staying busy.

In the here and the now, I've discovered how to channel my obsessive internet checking and updating to the greater good. Or, well, my personal greater good. There's this website, the Daily Plate, which has more than helped me reach and maintain my daily calorie goals. Apparently the simple act of updating a graph every day with my weight and caloric intake is motivation enough to keep me going.

And it got me thinking about my other motivation and time-management problems; if only there were a similar website for keeping track of my daily word count outside of November. Having something to update that word graph during NaNoWriMo every day was a major factor in getting those words out. Watching that graph go up and up gave such a great feeling of instant satisfaction. So why isn't there a website out there like Daily Plate, but for writers? With a nice graph and maybe a few extras, like character shorts and chapter progress? I feel like this needs to be out there. If I had the web skillz, I would do it myself, but I fear I've long since become obsolete in the web design department. But if anybody is willing to go for it with me, I will gladly supply the copy and webspace. And some very rudimentary design.

Until that appears out of the ether, I'll probably give photography more time than it should be alloted, due to that whole instant satisfaction thing.

We went and saw Amber for the last day for a bit this weekend, since she's moving to Idaho soon. While out in the country that is Snohomish, I spotted this strange rainbow in the sky, even though it wasn't raining. I saw quite a few of them throughout the day; does anyone know what they are? I expect they occur due to the angle the sun is at in the sky and the height of the clouds, but I truly have never seen one before.

Here's a photo of Amber's bird, Deetu. I wanted to get a good photo of him, since it would be the last time we saw him for a while as well, and also as a kind of present to Amber, but I managed to blow the highlights, so it didn't turn out too well. Tja.

And some boots. Because how else would you end an entry but with some boots?

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I'm going to try from now on, for better or for worse, to post a photo every time I post. This will either stop me from posting entirely, or help me take more photos on a daily basis of ordinary things instead of just when Lady and I go do something fun.

We get a bi-weekly bin filled with local fruits and vegetables and it's been overly excellent. Certainly during the winter we had more than our full of kale, chard, and cabbage, but beyond that we usually receive a nice variety. This week in our bin were blueberries, nectarines, plums, corn, zucchini, carrots, beets, cherry tomatoes, grapes, and spinach. It's a lot of deliciousness and I've learned how much I love fresh produce. Zomg. Just look!

I'm looking forward to fall and all the wonderful things that will come then. Specifically the squashes. We had so much fun with the squashes last year. Butternut squash curry...mmm.

I've had food on the mind a lot lately, mostly because I'm just starting a sort of diet, so of course I want what I can't have. It's nothing drastic; just calorie counting and a little reduction to help rid myself of these extra pounds I've gained since moving here. Hopefully I'll have them shed by December. In the meantime, no pastries, no cookies, no vending machine snacks, and as many fruits as I can stomach. Which is quite a bit, so I might still have to be careful.

This need to take control of my weight stems from a need to take control of my life, and an introspective-ness that has been plaguing me since I didn't get into grad school. I figured turning 23 was a good time to start these kinds of things. Moreso than the New Year, which has never had much impact for me. So instead I will take this upcoming year in which I will be older to achieve some goals that have been eluding me for a while. Like losing the ten pounds I gained sometime in college. And finishing a complete edit of a novel. And writing another. And finishing the edit for that. And becoming more proficient at photography. I'm looking to even take a class at the community college, money permitting. I will probably apply to grad school again, but I have no hope of getting in. I will also, most importantly, spend less time on the computer. Two hours a day at reading up on photography or writing, yes. Like studying.

Counting down to a splendid weekend on the coast...


Jul. 7th, 2009 06:52 pm
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This houseboat, I want it. For some reason, despite it's incredible affordability and adorability, I can't quite sell Lady on it. Possibly because it's itsy bitsy and well, a boat? But it's on the water! And it's so adorable! Aaaaaahhh...

This isn't entirely serious, but I have started looking at condos and townhouses in a curious manner because, with our combined monies, we might be able to afford something small now. And it would be nice to be paying off a mortgage instead of shoveling money into the black hole that is rent. Even though by now I should be well scared off from mortgages, you'd think. Tja.

I accepted the promotion today, even though they couldn't quite meet what I was asking for in a raise. Well, it might have been slightly too much, anyway. But I can try. I don't know when it'll start, but I stipulated that I have to have someone well-trained in DILs first. My contact at BofA has come to effuse at me a great deal and I really don't want to leave her with someone incompetent. Especially since she's also from Florida. We Floridians have to stick together in this cold, dry North.

Lady seems to be doing well, now that she has her own computer and can work on files herself. I think it helps her self-esteem/confidence a lot just to have a job again. And soon a paycheck! I'll stop talking about money soon, I promise. It's just nice after these many months. I was seriously wondering if we'd surpass a year.

So - back to editing photos to upload to my flickr account and to make a photo post about SD. If not tonight, tomorrow definitely. And I'll lj-cut it this time, too.

But one more thing, since [livejournal.com profile] kylecassidy has finally announced it. A few weekends back, I might have mentioned something about taking a lot of photographs. This was part of a super secret project wherein awesome photographer Kyle Freaking Cassidy recruited 23 of his blog followers to take a picture of whatever they were looking at when he sent them a text message. Thus resulted The Hive. Go take a gander - it's an interesting glimpse into the lives of 23 people. Some really awesome photos resulted and, naturally, some decidedly bland (mostly mine). See if you can spot Lady!
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Chapter four of Mili is done, but oh, it's so so bad. It'll need a drastic rewrite, but right now, it also needs to ferment. I think the only thing that will really improve it is finishing more of the story and finding out what really needs to be done there. Yes, we need Raelos and a certain scene, but maybe I should just cut it down. With the axe of god.

Anyway, three is behind the cut )

The photography project from this weekend, although over, only continues to foster more excitement in my bones. I can't wait to link to the finished project but - avast - it's not yet finished. There are murmurings of a continuation of the project amongst the participants that I hope takes some root.

I might take my camera with me to work tomorrow. The rapture that the camera instills in me is overcoming the fear of possible embarrassment at lugging around such a big thing in public. Which, if you really know me, speaks volumes to said rapture. Maybe I'll make my lunch breaks into photo projects; it's not like downtown Seattle is lacking in interesting subjects. Either way, this weekend will see many photos uploaded to FB and flickr.

Although, I really need to focus on Mili. I would really like to get her to Asarek so the plot will finally feel like it has some direction. Also, writing. Just need to be writing. Playing with my camera, even though it's instant gratification, should not be taking precedence over that.

Also, I'll probably be rather cranky these next few days. I'm cutting back on the caffeine again because the attacks are back. I'm getting quicker at recognizing them for what they are and clamping down on them, but they still persist in the back of my head, questioning every single pain. I hate it, but it's partially my fault. I know this happens when I don't exercise and eat poorly and over stress. I can get a handle on this. I can. I'm not crazy. Not clinically.

So - ! To writing. And not to getting distracted by the revolution in Iran, no matter how riveting it may be.
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So. Lots of things this week. We'll go with list format, since I'm sleepy.
- Investigated UW law school
- Sent resume to law firm that does judicial foreclosures; hopefully it will kill or reaffirm interest in law. Barring that, higher pay maybe? I've been asking for a raise at work since February now, and have gotten nothing but empty promises.
- Somehow managed to get into a spiffy awesome photo project with the squeezable Kyle freaking Cassidy. This has pleased me more than it should.
- This week is the week of photography, apparently. I've been wanting a good camera since the beginning of this year and have been reading up on specs and whatnot. That culminated in me getting a freaking awesome camera today. Expect way too many pictures in the coming weeks as I play with it.
- Overcome the block that kept me at mere words a day on Mili. Chapter four will be done this weekend. I have to rewrite it, because it's REALLY BAD, but hell, it'll be done.
- Rediscovered Beatles. Mmm. Beatles.
- Getting Stuff done at work. It's a good feeling knowing that yeah, I can get a DIL done in three weeks when I haven't inherited tons of problems from the previous DIL person.
- Summer starts next weekend -- how should I celebrate? I have no access to bonfires. Perhaps I'll stay up all night. I would love to go out to the non-city and gaze at the stars, but night comes so late and ends so early. I go to bed when it's light out and wake up when it's light out. Bizarre.
- More fear. I've started taking my pills again to make it go away. I hate the fear.
- I think I fear stasis. Being where I am now a year from now terrifies me. I need to keep moving. Life needs to keep moving. Stagnation fills me with dread.
- Hence looking at other options for my life. What do I do? What interests me? What can I use to support myself while I fail at writing?
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Ana and Dan'o left late Thursday evening and I have many pictures up on facebook proving that for a brief handful of days, they existed in this corner of the world. It was a good week, although I had to work for the last few days of it and thus missed out on much needed Ana-cuddles. We did manage to hit up a bunch of the good spots for them, like the UD and Discovery Park and Gas Works and downtown. There's just so much to do here and I think they really just wanted to relax. And work on thesis. Strangely responsible people they are. xp

It was good and there were many, many cupcakes and Vietnamese food and homemade food and Indian and sights seen and naps had. I was afraid it would be odd, having not seen them for well over nine months, but it was actually rather refreshing. Like being back in the dorms. Not like they were visiting, but like we were all on a vacation. Going back to work on Tuesday killed that illusion a little, though.

I have been taking many photographs lately. Ever since we came out here in the summer I've been on a bit of a binge and commandeering Lady's camera didn't subdue the sudden need to make concrete visuals of every moment. Her camera is amazingly better than mine and not only has reduced the number of photos that are useless due to people twitching and subsequently turning the whole photo into a horrible blur, but it also has fantastic close-up abilities and resolution. So I've been filling facebook with random photos as well. And it won't be subsiding any time soon. I would really love to eventually get an awesome photo which could be printed out large and used as wall decoration, since our walls are still so bare. But it might take a little more practice for that. Or dumb luck.

Work is pissing me off. I'm inundated up to my eyeballs and it's not going to get any better within the next month. I even tried to come in this weekend to catch up as well as help out for next week, when I'm going to be gone again, but they decided to work on the servers this weekend at the last minute, so no. Ugh. It's insane and I need to just not care, because they don't pay me enough to care, and they certainly don't pay me enough for the sheer amount of stuff they expect me to somehow do. Also I've finally realized why I hate it so much even though it is several steps beyond my last job and rather comfy and easy; it's too easy. Anything that seemed remotely challenging when I first started this new job are not even that now. Nothing is challenging, even though the other title people make it out to be. I know it sounds pretentious, but I'm wasting my potential and they could use my skills and brainz much more efficiently and to their advantage than they do now. x.x

IL next Thursday. I realized today that this will be the first time I've left Seattle since making it my home. Huh. Funny, 'cause I was just feeling the itch to leave and could've sworn I'd left before. Well, there'll be Illinois, then Florida come May. I'm looking forward to it - I love leaving and coming back. You always notice so much more about where you're living when you come back. And I need that now. Winter was long and dark and spring has arrived and the world is brightening and coloring and I need to see Seattle from an outsider's perspective once more while also noticing it from a resident's. Which I'm starting to do. Just now starting to feel comfortable here, really comfortable. Mum said once that it takes about 16 months before you can really call a place home. And today I went and drove somewhere by myself for the first time. It was... good.

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