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Not posting very much. Mostly feel lost in life. Can't decide what I want to do, feel obligated to pick something, so this results in stagnation. So many choices - too many choices - and all of them are exclusive and require significant effort. Obviously, it's easier to stagnate.

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Well. That was diversionary.

A few more weeks and we'll be going down to Sarasota. And a week or so after that my self-imposed deadline to finish GOU edits. Then after that... well. A new project, perhaps? I don't know. I want something new and something that feels less weighty, a story that won't need to be of epic proportions so that I can actually finish it and polish it, but I can't decide. So, help, please. Which of these sounds more appealing?:
- A postal worker faces a fabricated Armageddon complete with holographic zombies and a gun named Chekhov
- An android named Andy joins a group of glorified bounty hunters who operate out of the back of a grocery store
- A hobby wizard calls up ancient forces to protect his daughter from demons, but also to make sure she comes home on time

Hm... well, obviously the first will be much sillier than the others, and the third would be more of a NaNo adventure since beyond characters I haven't got much of a plot. Basically a reworking of OIBM. The second is based on a short story I wrote while in Russia which in turn was based on a very strange and vivid dream. None of these would be much longer than 50k. Woot, novellas!
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Still got the persistent headache - but hey, it's the weekend! And snow! Well, still not yet, but the promises remain. People at work are so funny - they're acting just like Floridians when the temp drops below 70 degrees. *shbs*

Anyway, I feel like doing this meme mostly to remind myself of a few books I still want to read.
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