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Whew, that was a week if I ever had one. We did and saw many things, but it left me wholly unprepared to go back to work today. Maybe I'll write more about the Exciting Things later, but since it's almost my bedtime, I figure I'll focus just on today.

After being away nearly a week, my desk was a mess. ;.; I mean, it's good people did my work (even though they missed Very Important Things that I had expressly urged them to do). And I got a name tag in the mean time for my desk, although I rejected it because they spelled my name wrong. How is it so hard to spell? Really? I've got one of the more generic British names and yet somehow I have to specify the spelling every single time. I'm not angry, just... bewildered. Oh well, it'll garner some laughs for a while and then I'll get a sticky and cover that 'e' with an 'a'.

Evaluations are up for me and Ben, who were hired at the same time. And boss lady urged us to get our self-evals in as quickly as possible so as to secure as much monies as possible for a raise. Woo! I would rather like one of those. I have no idea as to what to expect in the way of a raise, only that it should better be more than what Publix gave me.

Speaking of monies, Lady's got a job interview. I probably shouldn't think of it as too foregone of a conclusion, but zomg, it'd be nice not to have to worry about February.

I got leggings while mum and dad was here and they are super wonderful with my brown skirt. I think I need more of these. Yay for wearing something besides the pair of pants that I've been wearing for the last... two... months...

Oh, I want to get into grad school so badly. I don't even want to think about the very real possibility of not getting in. I have absolutely no plans for that eventuality. Aside from crying, a lot, of course.

It's time to pick up the Greek again. In the meantime, sleep.

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