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Taking Lady with me to work today; she has an interview with boss-lady. Here's hoping they have something for her when we get back.

Henna-ed my hair yesterday. Second of the triennial dyeings. The bright red fades within a few days, but it does give my hair some color for months afterward. I never thought I'd still be doing this when I started hennaing my hair five/six years ago, but, well, I let it go for a long time once and it just got so dull.

Tomorrow is leaving day. I checked the weather for the week to see if I might even remotely need a jacket (aside from needing it inside, of course), and it's supposed to be thunderstorms and in the 80s. Yup. Sounds about right. Also, this week in Seattle it'll be in the 70s, which means it'll really be nearly 80, which, since we're without a/c, I'll be glad to avoid. There's a big difference between 90+ and having a decent a/c and 80+ and all you can do is open the windows.

So, tomorrow is all day traveling. We get into Orlando at 9pm, hunt down Benni, steal her apartment. Wednesday we'll bum around WS/Oviedo for a bit, see old haunts and whatnot (and try and find the Oviedo chickens for Lady), before having lunch with Benni and then heading on over to Sarasota. Three hours later, attack Ana. Eat Ana's brain for the following three days. See her graduate, along with all the other awesome peoples. Leave for Orlando Saturday afternoon, eat Benni's brains and then fly home early early Sunday morning.

Now for work!

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