Apr. 7th, 2009 06:17 am
spryng: (dork)
Getting home on Sunday was nearly an epic feat. But I got home, nonetheless, and the view from the plane as it soared across the Cascades and into a stunning sunset was worth it. Mt. Rainier is much too tall every time I see it, even from the air when all the other mountains seem so insignificant. And there was a tiny Mt. St. Helens just behind our volcano.

Yesterday was more like summer than anything else. It was much too warm, everything has decided to burst with bottled up life, and everyone was outside. Gas Works was coated with bodies soaking up the sun. Downtown appeared to have been overrun by early season tourists. Not to say I can blame them - I was outside on my lunch break enjoying it as well. But I'll take a misty day over an overtly sunny one any time - the sun bleeds away the colors. Also, less people.

I'm on chapter seven of the current wordy project and, since I'm about halfway there, I'm waffling between giving up the edits and working on something I actually might want to try and sell, or just continuing because otherwise when will I ever do this? I think I've settled on a June 1st deadline of finishing these edits or else, but it's still rather defeating. I'm also hoping that by June Lady will have a semi steady job and I can drop to part time, thereby having enough time and energy to devote to a new project. She has an interview with the temp agency I went with on Thursday - here's hoping.

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