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At least my insane, two-person workload makes the day go by very quickly. Although it gave me nightmares last week, because I'm falling so behind with some of my projects and it doesn't look like I'll be getting a break any time soon. And the problem is, that's kind of how the whole company is operating right now, at breakneck speed, since we're taking on more than we can handle while trying to hire and train more people each week.

Speaking of nightmares, I had a very vivid dream about being shot in the leg last night. Huh. Well, at least someone was trying to kill me, so it's all good.

Haven't been updating not so much because I haven't got anything to say but because I wasn't going to let myself update till the next chapter was edited. It kinda worked, too; there were a number of times I was about to get onto LJ and post and instead diverted my attention to that. So chapter five is done and my project to finish before Ana and Dan'o get here is chapter six. Almost halfway. And then I'll have to go back and fix things again, but at least I'm learning something about all this.

That little progress paragraph that's kinda fun to do. )

Like said before, Ana and Dan'o are coming next Thursday and hopefully I'll have Friday off. I say hopefully because I originally requested the day off, and Monday, in January, then was told to put my request in their new-fangled online system in February, and following up in March was told to give them another paper request. *facepalm* So I have no idea if it's been approved or not, but I will not be there. I need the day off. These past three weeks have sucked bad.

Speaking of which, I'll be going to IL with mom and potentially brother beginning of April to see grandma and grandpa. I changed my tickets for July last Saturday, since that event is probably not going to happen anymore. He's not doing well at all, and, well, we have no idea how long he's got. But he's been sent home with hospice which means many things, and I, well. I'm just glad I got to see them both last summer.

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