Sep. 27th, 2009 08:44 pm
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I'm so sorry for all these spider photos.

Click it for the larger, hairier version at flickr. As well as five or so other photos from today. Another spider, unfortunately, but a cat and a pretty flower as well. Very exciting!

This photo actually means a little more than the others. Friday night I had the most bizarre spider dream; our apartment was infested with the buggers. They were large and colorful and I had to save every one of them. The strangest part was that it was just the tiniest bit scary; I'm really not afraid of spiders. This particular spider today seemed to have manifested from my dream and I did, indeed, end up scooping him into a glass and taking him outside.

I had a photo yesterday, but it sucked because I meant to get the sunrise but ended up sabotaged by large black clouds. The result was unimpressive, and I don't intend to clog your list every day with a photo. And if it really is getting annoying, let me know, and I can at least put the daily photo behind a cut.

I believe this has been the first time in possibly two years that I've been posting on an almost daily basis. I certainly would not have thought that a likely outcome of this project. I suppose it's a good side effect...? I have been feeling I need to post more often, if only because life is going by so fast and I don't want to miss a second of it. Life is too wonderful for that.

Also, due to the fickle relationship I have with my camera - i.e., many ideas that simply won't manifest however I fiddle with it - I have dubbed him Jekyll. And when he angers me, Hyde. Thus he joins the ranks of my other named electronics - Roan, my external harddrive, Euric, my laptop, and Lamar, my shuffle. A moment of silence in remembrance of Tim the Saturn, Mildridge the Ford Taurus, Vered the old shuffle, and Clio, my first laptop.
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Omg, why do I keep having dreams about Schatz? I don't think about him or that class at all, yet in the past month I've remembered at least three dreams in which he made me feel sorely incompetent. The one before this I was struggling to speak Russian and he was getting horribly angry. And this one we were writing his evaluations and he wouldn't leave the room, just sat there, reading a newspaper, sometimes coming by to chat. So I couldn't write what I wanted to about him - which makes for a very funny dream, since it was partially true. o.o()

I wonder if the incompetency I'm experiencing in my dreams is tied to how I feel about getting into grab school. I've been worrying about it a lot lately, and it doesn't help that Shaw emailed me back today, three weeks after asking if I still wanted him to write a recommendation for me and I saying, yes, of course, to let me know that he had this nagging suspicion that he was supposed to be writing one for me. x.x I love you Shaw, but wtf? I really should just email the other two and verify that they wrote them and sent them in. I haven't heard from either since mid-December. But then part of me is like, what's the point? I'm not going to get in anyway. Yargghafble. Probably doesn't help that I don't know when they'll be getting back to me.

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