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In which our heroine bravely works at home, fearlessly feeds cats, heroically goes for a walk, and overall has a normal, uneventful, last Monday at work pre-Lady Jr.

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Even though it's too late to share on the actual DITL community, I took the pics, so I'mma gonna post it here. The DITL before last actually fell on our closing day, I just didn't have a computer to process the photos until the following weekend.

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It's been a while! We are officially moved out of the grand, arid state of Arizona and now live in Michigan as of last week. It's been an, uh, adventure!

I'm 8 months pregnant, working at home without central a/c, still have two cats, and my microbiologist wife just started her 2 year postdoc at MSU. Let's go!

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It's been a while! Sorry, pregnancy knocked me off my feet in terms of energy and follow-through, and although I've started a few DITLs in the last couple of months, this is the first one I've finished.

Things to know: I'm 22 weeks pregnant, we call the proto-human Lady Jr, we still live in AZ (but not for long, because), Dr Lady got a fellowship for a postdoc in Michigan, and we're going to be moving at the end of July. Also Dr Lady is using a boot and knee-walker because we found out she has acute tendonosis a month or so ago, which requires complete immobilization to heal.

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