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Chapter four of Mili is done, but oh, it's so so bad. It'll need a drastic rewrite, but right now, it also needs to ferment. I think the only thing that will really improve it is finishing more of the story and finding out what really needs to be done there. Yes, we need Raelos and a certain scene, but maybe I should just cut it down. With the axe of god.

Anyway, three is behind the cut )

The photography project from this weekend, although over, only continues to foster more excitement in my bones. I can't wait to link to the finished project but - avast - it's not yet finished. There are murmurings of a continuation of the project amongst the participants that I hope takes some root.

I might take my camera with me to work tomorrow. The rapture that the camera instills in me is overcoming the fear of possible embarrassment at lugging around such a big thing in public. Which, if you really know me, speaks volumes to said rapture. Maybe I'll make my lunch breaks into photo projects; it's not like downtown Seattle is lacking in interesting subjects. Either way, this weekend will see many photos uploaded to FB and flickr.

Although, I really need to focus on Mili. I would really like to get her to Asarek so the plot will finally feel like it has some direction. Also, writing. Just need to be writing. Playing with my camera, even though it's instant gratification, should not be taking precedence over that.

Also, I'll probably be rather cranky these next few days. I'm cutting back on the caffeine again because the attacks are back. I'm getting quicker at recognizing them for what they are and clamping down on them, but they still persist in the back of my head, questioning every single pain. I hate it, but it's partially my fault. I know this happens when I don't exercise and eat poorly and over stress. I can get a handle on this. I can. I'm not crazy. Not clinically.

So - ! To writing. And not to getting distracted by the revolution in Iran, no matter how riveting it may be.
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Ended up coming home early again today anyway. That's what I get for claiming I'm not sick anymore. Felt all woozy and fainty and just couldn't get anything done, and apparently was scaring the coworkers a little to boot. So home and more sleep and then baking in the apartment because it's over 80 out and we haven't got a fan let alone a/c. Let it rain please. Or at least give us some clouds.

Edited chapter two of Mili a bit. Still lacking in parts, but I suspect they'll find ways to be fleshed out after I've established more of the plot. Now that I'm not sick nor traveling far and distant places maybe I can get back to this writing thing and get a chapter a week done. That would be lovely.

Chapter Two )
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I finished editing chapter two, so here's chapter one of Mili, a story about a rebel, recently released from prison and now fleeing capture and certain death, while seeking out her fellow conspirators to overthrow the new emperor, also with gods, undead assassins, midnight fights and escapes, unlikely explosions, and magical bandits.

Chapter One )

When I finish chapter three and edit two, I'll post two. This chapter's kinda weak; I like the next a lot better.
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Although I think the fruit flies have a better deal with the banana.

It's May. When did that happen? How is time passing by so quickly? I realize and notice each day, try and grapple with it and slow it down, while wanting to speed them along to the weekend. I can't wait for Lady to have a job. I want so badly to drop down to part time and write. And yes, also to better wrestle with time. I don't appreciate it's speediness, even though I want this part to go by quickly. Life is too precious to just get through each day. The debilitating panic attacks taught me that at least.

Those attacks are gone now. For how long, I don't know. I doubt they're gone for good. But man it's nice. I forgot how different things are when you're not terrified all the time, and terrified of becoming terrified.

Anyway. It's May. I just got promoted - upgraded? - again, which is all good and stuff, but they still haven't given me a raise. I'm trying, though. And it sounds like boss-lady is actually going to ask for it on my behalf this time. I'm tired of making a few cents more than what I made doing the really easy, no-brains stuff I did when I started. I've got so much more responsibility now and I just do so much. It's bullshit what they're paying me. I'd leave, but, well. That whole economy thing. So really, I should be happy that I even have a job. Well. At least the upgrade looks like my workload will become more manageable. Woot. Special Assets. It sounds... 'special.'

I jumped from GOU to the apocalyptic zombie novel, and now I've switched from that Mili's story. I've settled and stayed there for a few weeks now, so I think I'll keep on it. Her story contains the undead as well, at least. Undead assassins, the best kind. I'm thinking I might try and write and polish the story as I go along instead of the usual write-until-it's-crap I do. I want to post it up as I go along, too. Would anyone be interested in that? I think that was part of the motivating force behind writing OIBM back in the day - I had an audience, even if it might have been a fictional audience. Knowing that I might have somebody reading it, possibly even waiting for it, that helps a lot. So... does anybody want to feign interest? I'll pay you. xp

Next week - Florida. I still can't wrap my head around it. It's dropped back down into the 40s here. And it's so green and alive. I love it.
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Today was a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which is a yearly thing through the month of April where city dwellers can come out into the country and glory at the wonders of flowering plants. Aah, tulips. Fields upon fields of them, in every color imaginable. And in the field? People. Tons and tons. I s'pose I had been vaguely forewarned that it would be a crowded event, but I rather wish someone had made me a chart. The street fair alone was insane. Cool, but insane. Still, I'm glad we went - won't really need to go again any time soon. Next on my list - lavender festival in July. Hopefully it won't be as bad...?

Finished Shadowbridge today, one of the books I bought back in February with my delicious Christmas money. It was good - and strange. It's world is a series of interconnected bridges, called spans, which are each a nation in their own right and seem to pop up out of nowhere. Only towards the end did one of the characters begin to question the nature of their existence, which I had been waiting for the entire time. Thankfully, there is a sequel and as opposed to other recent novels I've picked up only to discover that they're a series, this one's sequel is already out. I might put up a better, more thorough review late - I feel like this one merits it.

And speaking of books, current wordy project is stuck. I've so changed the current chapter I'm editing that I'm not entirely sure how to wind it back to where it was going or whether it needs to be wound back at all. Which makes it easier for me not to work on it, since I can just claim "I haven't figured out how to fix it yet!" and put it off. But June is fast approaching and I must stick to my deadline...

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70s. This number has become extraordinary to me. I hope I can withstand the heat. xp


Apr. 7th, 2009 06:17 am
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Getting home on Sunday was nearly an epic feat. But I got home, nonetheless, and the view from the plane as it soared across the Cascades and into a stunning sunset was worth it. Mt. Rainier is much too tall every time I see it, even from the air when all the other mountains seem so insignificant. And there was a tiny Mt. St. Helens just behind our volcano.

Yesterday was more like summer than anything else. It was much too warm, everything has decided to burst with bottled up life, and everyone was outside. Gas Works was coated with bodies soaking up the sun. Downtown appeared to have been overrun by early season tourists. Not to say I can blame them - I was outside on my lunch break enjoying it as well. But I'll take a misty day over an overtly sunny one any time - the sun bleeds away the colors. Also, less people.

I'm on chapter seven of the current wordy project and, since I'm about halfway there, I'm waffling between giving up the edits and working on something I actually might want to try and sell, or just continuing because otherwise when will I ever do this? I think I've settled on a June 1st deadline of finishing these edits or else, but it's still rather defeating. I'm also hoping that by June Lady will have a semi steady job and I can drop to part time, thereby having enough time and energy to devote to a new project. She has an interview with the temp agency I went with on Thursday - here's hoping.
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At least my insane, two-person workload makes the day go by very quickly. Although it gave me nightmares last week, because I'm falling so behind with some of my projects and it doesn't look like I'll be getting a break any time soon. And the problem is, that's kind of how the whole company is operating right now, at breakneck speed, since we're taking on more than we can handle while trying to hire and train more people each week.

Speaking of nightmares, I had a very vivid dream about being shot in the leg last night. Huh. Well, at least someone was trying to kill me, so it's all good.

Haven't been updating not so much because I haven't got anything to say but because I wasn't going to let myself update till the next chapter was edited. It kinda worked, too; there were a number of times I was about to get onto LJ and post and instead diverted my attention to that. So chapter five is done and my project to finish before Ana and Dan'o get here is chapter six. Almost halfway. And then I'll have to go back and fix things again, but at least I'm learning something about all this.

That little progress paragraph that's kinda fun to do. )

Like said before, Ana and Dan'o are coming next Thursday and hopefully I'll have Friday off. I say hopefully because I originally requested the day off, and Monday, in January, then was told to put my request in their new-fangled online system in February, and following up in March was told to give them another paper request. *facepalm* So I have no idea if it's been approved or not, but I will not be there. I need the day off. These past three weeks have sucked bad.

Speaking of which, I'll be going to IL with mom and potentially brother beginning of April to see grandma and grandpa. I changed my tickets for July last Saturday, since that event is probably not going to happen anymore. He's not doing well at all, and, well, we have no idea how long he's got. But he's been sent home with hospice which means many things, and I, well. I'm just glad I got to see them both last summer.
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Happy March! Things are budding and small flowers are blooming. The rain has returned after a long absence, which is cool by me, because things are getting greener. Just in time for Ana and Dano's visitation.

As for the progress on the current wordy project that needs a much better name than it has right now:

Rewritten Words: 4,605 (for this chapter); 1,877 (today)

Chapter Finished: Chapter 4

Goal: 16 chapters
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4/16 (25%)

Observations: Changed a lot more in this Vic chapter than the first one. Working on her motivations and trying to give her more of a, well, character than she had in the first draft. Her own thoughts and feelings on the matter, which are going to be a bit opposed to Liz's.

Reason for Stopping: I shouldn't, I really shouldn't. But I have this netflix movie to watch that I promised myself I could if I finished chp 4 today. So I'll watch that and begin work on 5 afterwards. Mm, rewards.

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