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Today was a trip to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, which is a yearly thing through the month of April where city dwellers can come out into the country and glory at the wonders of flowering plants. Aah, tulips. Fields upon fields of them, in every color imaginable. And in the field? People. Tons and tons. I s'pose I had been vaguely forewarned that it would be a crowded event, but I rather wish someone had made me a chart. The street fair alone was insane. Cool, but insane. Still, I'm glad we went - won't really need to go again any time soon. Next on my list - lavender festival in July. Hopefully it won't be as bad...?

Finished Shadowbridge today, one of the books I bought back in February with my delicious Christmas money. It was good - and strange. It's world is a series of interconnected bridges, called spans, which are each a nation in their own right and seem to pop up out of nowhere. Only towards the end did one of the characters begin to question the nature of their existence, which I had been waiting for the entire time. Thankfully, there is a sequel and as opposed to other recent novels I've picked up only to discover that they're a series, this one's sequel is already out. I might put up a better, more thorough review late - I feel like this one merits it.

And speaking of books, current wordy project is stuck. I've so changed the current chapter I'm editing that I'm not entirely sure how to wind it back to where it was going or whether it needs to be wound back at all. Which makes it easier for me not to work on it, since I can just claim "I haven't figured out how to fix it yet!" and put it off. But June is fast approaching and I must stick to my deadline...

Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 70s. This number has become extraordinary to me. I hope I can withstand the heat. xp
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I was going to write about how much this week sucks and how much yesterday sucks (ended up going into work anyway), but then I checked my BOA account for my paycheck and found much more than expected. o.o So I guess it can't be all bad. Either way, I'm going to spruce up this week with a few delicious books. Any suggestions? I'm currently reading Gormenghast and am looking for further fantasy/sci-fi books. Or zombies. I'd love an excellent zombie novel.

Since I didn't get into grad school, I'm turning all of my rejection-induced rage towards finishing GOU's first edit. I rather like Cherie Priest's means of reporting progress on her stories and am also looking for a way to feel like I'm somehow obliged to keep going. You know - have a sort of goal for each day in a public place so that I can shame myself for not keeping up with the goal. Good times.

Today's goal is to finish editing chapter four by Sunday. I guess that really isn't today's goal, but, well. There are three pages left to edit/rewrite/sift through. It's more of a complete rehaul than an edit, anyway, since most everything is being rewritten. Man, that first draft was shitty. But hey, no one ever said they weren't supposed to be.

Had a horrible dream last night that reflected all of my pent up rage and depression from the day. Culminated in being forced to work until 1:30am. o.O Just like Publix times - no leaving until everything is done.

Well, time for that work thing. Wish my laptop were smaller so it'd be easier to take with me. Wish I were better at working with words on paper. Maybe I should wish for some horses too, eh?
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I finished the War of the Flowers, sped through Agent to the Stars, and am now on Tower of Shadows. Oh reading - I've missed it. Although it means I haven't been spending as much time working on Greek or editing. It's fine, it's fine. But I do want to continue doing little thought-blurbs on each book.
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Hopefully today lady and I will be going to see Coraline. This should be an excellent adventure. Yesterday we spent with her friend Amber in Mulkiteo, eating cake and watching Buffy. You would be proud, Ana-cakes. <3

Work is doing mighty fine. The two horrible women have been moved downstairs and suddenly half my stress is gone. I've been told rather plainly by boss-lady that they will do many things to keep me and that she's trying to get me a better raise. I've also been offered a job in title, which would be much more interesting than what I've been doing, although I'm trying to keep the deed in lieu portion. I'm such a perfectionist - I want to get DILs up to date and with a system before leaving it. ^^()

I'm still way too tired when I get home and still fighting with the feeling of not actually doing anything with my life and still just trying to get myself to edit. Ah well. At least I can drink coffee again and the headaches are mostly gone.
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Still got the persistent headache - but hey, it's the weekend! And snow! Well, still not yet, but the promises remain. People at work are so funny - they're acting just like Floridians when the temp drops below 70 degrees. *shbs*

Anyway, I feel like doing this meme mostly to remind myself of a few books I still want to read.
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