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The sun came out yesterday and it was glorious. Lady took me for a walk around Greenlake and most of the time I had my mouth open, catching radiation on the tip of my tongue. Mmm.

We went for lunch in Wallingford and grabbed some cupcakes from Trophy as well. Any place that has cupcake bakeries is the place for me. Then we came back and Netflix gave us Science of Sleep instead of X-Files, which we watched and were sorely disappointed in. MCs shouldn't be that horribly whiny. But there was fondue and whine and it was delicious. Yesterday was, as I dubbed it, the Day of Calories. Three years! Woot.

Today the advent of dawn woke me up. I have a dawn simulator as an alarm clock for getting up at 5:30am, but actually being woken up by a real dawn that isn't smothered in clouds was rather refreshing. The sky is still so blue. We'll be going to Discovery Park today and hopefully down to the rocky beach where I will then proceed to dig in my heels and make some vitamin D. Thank goodness for once this delicious weather isn't happening while I'm stuck at work.

Today is also the day for rearranging furniture. I apparently get that itch every six months or so. And cleaning. So much cleaning.

And to add to the world being a bit brighter than in December, I've started dreaming again. Or rather, remembering my dreams. And not just any dreams, but ones where people are trying to kill me. Which means that everything is right in my little world.

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