Sep. 27th, 2009 08:44 pm
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I'm so sorry for all these spider photos.

Click it for the larger, hairier version at flickr. As well as five or so other photos from today. Another spider, unfortunately, but a cat and a pretty flower as well. Very exciting!

This photo actually means a little more than the others. Friday night I had the most bizarre spider dream; our apartment was infested with the buggers. They were large and colorful and I had to save every one of them. The strangest part was that it was just the tiniest bit scary; I'm really not afraid of spiders. This particular spider today seemed to have manifested from my dream and I did, indeed, end up scooping him into a glass and taking him outside.

I had a photo yesterday, but it sucked because I meant to get the sunrise but ended up sabotaged by large black clouds. The result was unimpressive, and I don't intend to clog your list every day with a photo. And if it really is getting annoying, let me know, and I can at least put the daily photo behind a cut.

I believe this has been the first time in possibly two years that I've been posting on an almost daily basis. I certainly would not have thought that a likely outcome of this project. I suppose it's a good side effect...? I have been feeling I need to post more often, if only because life is going by so fast and I don't want to miss a second of it. Life is too wonderful for that.

Also, due to the fickle relationship I have with my camera - i.e., many ideas that simply won't manifest however I fiddle with it - I have dubbed him Jekyll. And when he angers me, Hyde. Thus he joins the ranks of my other named electronics - Roan, my external harddrive, Euric, my laptop, and Lamar, my shuffle. A moment of silence in remembrance of Tim the Saturn, Mildridge the Ford Taurus, Vered the old shuffle, and Clio, my first laptop.


Sep. 20th, 2009 01:07 pm
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I think I'm getting to the point where the initial, near-exponential increase in skill is starting to level out. I'm reaching the first plateau that all of my artistic endeavors reach at some point, but hopefully I can maintain momentum and force my way onwards. I so very much want to become a great photographer, almost as much as I want to become a great writer. Although I never really considered myself an artistic person, I am definitely creative and that is where I now know I want to go with my life.

I think, also, that I'm finally getting over not getting into grad school. It really messed me up, in more ways than I acknowledged at the time. It messed up my immediate plans, it messed up my view of my life, and it messed up a rather over-inflated ego I'd developed. But it did a good thing; although I don't believe in a higher being or a force directing our lives for the good/better, I do believe that sometimes shit happens, but we learn and grow from that shit. Granted, it wasn't a big shit, but I've lead a very privileged life ultimately lacking in big disappointments. In short, I always get what I want with near minimal effort.

Not getting what I wanted for once despite - or rather, largely because of - the minimal effort I put in threw me well off my tracks. I've spent the last seven months swimming through uncertainty and depression and anxiety and feeling like a failure. Of course, not all the time - I am a very optimistic person and life really is wonderful. I had many good days, but the constant was definitely the uncertainty.

But now I believe I have a plan. And it seems to me to a be a good and sturdy plan that will only crumple if I let it. I will apply to schools and try to get a masters in education and certification to teach Latin. Failing that, I will enter into a photography program at a local community college. Failing that, there are studios I can probably work in and learn some of the ropes I'm aiming for. Of course, all of these can be mixed and matched; I can get a cert to teach Latin and also take photography classes at the CC. I am also tempted to apply for photography masters. And I can probably work in a studio while I go to school. Any way it falls, this seems to be a much more versatile plan than last year's "if I get into this one college grad program despite failing at the application due to sheer anxiety."

Here's to the future and more beautiful mornings.


Sep. 16th, 2009 06:36 pm
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This was more on a lark, since the last few mornings have been gorgeous. One quick shot, and it turned out much better than I had hoped.
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New project, which folds the old project into its warm embrace. Since becoming a flickr-user and perusing the Last 7 Days Interesting on a near daily basis, I've noticed a bit of a trend: there are a lot of photos from users who have a project where they shoot a photo a day. It's normally called something like "365." I thought it was awesome the first time I saw it, nifty the second, then I didn't see it for a while, and then nearly every photo I saw was a part of such a project. I wanted to do it myself, of course, but held back because I never liked jumping on a bandwagon. But, well, the desire has been greater than expected, along with the burning need to keep practicing and improving. I think taking a photo a day won't really increase the amount of photos I've been taking, but it will force me to take a few minutes and find something interesting every day and nearby.

I'd like to keep taking suggestions along the way, as well. For a bit of added challenge and maybe some days, when my mind is exhausted from work, just for an idea. So give.

I'm also doing this now, of all times, because I want to document from here to this time next year. If all goes well, in a year a lot of exciting things will have happened and Lady and I will be on our way to grad school. If not, then, well, I'll be a year better at photography.

Here's One. I decided to go with the cliched photographer's portrait. Me and my nikon d60, who is just yearning for a name. Algernon?

Jonathan? Ulfila? Jordanes? Neil? Sen? Kyle?

Who are you, my little camera?

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