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This is my life now.

Baby is 6 months old. Lady is still a postdoc. I'm back to work full+ time - i.e. I work part time at the Job Wot Pays and then 2+ hours/day writing. Deadline for this book is July 1st and I am definitely not panicking, not one bit.

I was up 30min before this, but this was when I thought, "let's do a DITL today!"

I have to pump when I wake up every morning to keep up with daycare.

Darj' shares the couch with me.

I have no idea how that's comfortable, but she sleeps the best this way.

Writing/editing. Almost 1/3rd of the way through this final, not-so-shabby draft


Somebody's awake and full of wiggles.

Mornin' x2.

Somebody else is not so wide awake and wiggly.

I show baby the sunrise. It's gotten ridiculously springy literally overnight.

Then we change a diaper and play with everything within reach.

Literally everything. (That was the pile of cloth wipes.)

Dressed and diapered, it's kitchen time.

Breakfast = sweet potatos. But they still need to be baked.

A wild Lady appears.

Baby helps me do the dishes. Before.


Also for breakfast: bacon!

Lady helps Baby learn important new words.

Kona does her own thing.

We caved and got baby an Easter basket, even though neither of us really celebrate Easter. The toys were conveniently given to us when she was born and the chocolate was for us and the avocado... well, the avocado is for her. It's egg-shaped. It's fine.


Lady writes a list. Her handwriting is much better than mine.

We definitely do not share a chocolate-dipped peep for breakfast.

Baby floor time!

Lady does work.

Trying a new storage technique: vacuum bags! We have a shit ton of 0-6 month baby clothes that are mostly hand-me-downs from my sis-in-law. She gave me said clothes with the understanding that we would keep them, for now, since both us and my sis-in-law are unsure whether or not we're going to have a second child. Since it might be a few years, I figured we could try the vacuum method, which should keep things better. Also: they take up less space.
If in 2-ish years (aka around the time we move again) neither of us have had a kid or know for sure we won't, then we can just donate/sell the whole batch. In the meantime, we have a pretty big basement.

Baby has given up on life. Guess it's nap time.

Read to baby the naptime book.

Watch baby roll around and chatter for a bit.

Cut up the gummies I made the night before while I wait for her to fall asleep.

At some point, she stops chattering and her eyes veeeerrry slooooowly close.

Sleep write when baby sleeps.

Lady cuts an opening in the new cat box.

Time check.

Aaaaand someone's awake.

Time to skype with her grandparents!

Snack time.

Put some pants on that baby.

Car time! Someone is less than enthused.

Time check.

We drop in at ze Home Despot to grab a composter. We also get some lavender and rosemary.

Then we stop at the Coolest Grocery Store Ever. They have free coffee and they make their own tasty popcorns and they have olive oil sampling and a whole garden section and every apple you could imagine and a wine room and a beer room and bacon-topped donuts and and and -

Des flowers.

This is only 1/4 of their berry plants.

This place is awesome.

On our way home again. So. Much. Green.

Home again.

Diaper change!

Floor AND kitchen time!

Kitchen time for the ladies, too - wash the lettuce.

Crush some pork rinds.

Noodle some zucchini. Baby moved from the ground to her chair because she didn't like not being able to see what we were doing.

Naptime again!

Creepy awake child is creepy.

Her chattering progresses to crying and since it's the last nap of the day and getting uncomfortably close to bedtime, I go in and just hold her. Meanwhile, Lady goes to lab.

Naptime's over and lady is back! Yay!

We try going outside with baby while Lady puts together the composter.

Baby and I watch the clouds and the trees.

It's getting windy and baby's getting upset, so I try holding her.

This doesn't work for long. Soon we go inside and watch Lady for a bit.

Bath time!

If she has something to play with, she's usually good. We still cloth bathe because actual bath is too much effort and the one or two times we've tried since she started daycare didn't go well.


Bedtime. It can be violent sometimes. She's needing holding less and less.


Aaand baby's asleep.

Feed the cats. And by feed the cats I mean the auto-feeders go off and the cats eat. We had to get these when someone *coughKONAcough* kept waking us up earlier and earlier in the morning and yowling for longer and longer in the evenings. It has been a life-saver. Now she just sometimes yowls ~10min before the feeders go off but no longer at 2-3-4am when I'm just falling asleep after dealing with a crying baby. It got... bad for a while there. Expensive fix but that extra hour or two of sleep is so, so worth it.

Oh yeah I guess I should shower huh.

The list! That's actually... a lot done. Go us!

Curl up with Lady on the sofa and watch some British people be profoundly British. Then it's bedtime. Not shown: baby crying at 9pm, baby crying at 11pm... yeah.


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<3 It's nice to see you all here.

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