The Life

Jan. 17th, 2017 11:46 am
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I have it. What I've been wishing for and dreaming about for so many years.

The Life.

I officially* start back at work this week. Part time. And my parents are on their way out of town. So it's just me and baby for two days, then baby at daycare and me at work for three, then the weekends with Lady and baby and me together.

Baby's taking her 1st nap and I just hit wordcount for the day (hence taking a break to write here). And now it's later and baby's down for her 2nd nap. Hah. Such is life.

I've always wanted to work part time and spend the rest of my time writing. For the last few years, I've also wanted a baby. Now I have both. It's a strange feeling to realize so many dreams at once. I have whiplash still, I think, especially after spending so many years at shitty jobs where they paid me to just sit in an office all day, even when there wasn't any work.

Now I work at home, so if there isn't work, I can clean or cook or read. And I work part time, so I can write and spend time with baby. My life is (almost) everything I've envisioned.

Everything, but friends. It's very lonely here, 2 time zones away from Arizona, living in a city where the sidewalks are icy and the roads are unplowed, without a car, without an office. Making friends with a newborn isn't exactly easy and mom groups meet at all the wrong times.

I foresee a lot of pushing my boundaries in the coming weeks just to get out of the house, just to meet people. But I'll need that to stay sane, even with this amazing schedule.

I'm also building new dreams. I would love to keep this schedule, keep this job, keep writing. Now I just also want to not live in Michigan (sorry Michigan) and have friends. I think those are two completely reasonable dreams, yes?

In the meantime, any advice from current parents on how to spend time alone with baby would be great. Idk what to do with this smiling potato sometimes.
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