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Christmas 2016

Life with a baby = I did this DITL a week and a half ago and am only now getting around to it.

That said, wouldn't trade this for the world.


Feed cats.

Coffee. Time check. Not up nearly as early as I used to be anymore.

Move baby from the bedroom to the living room so I can keep an eye on her.

Sleep while baby sleeps? Hah! How about frantically try to make word count instead? Now is probably as good a time as any to point to the other Big Thing that has happened since my last DITL. TL;DR - I signed a three book deal which is awesome possum but also means I have two books to write in 2017.

Keep checking baby. Still asleep? Good.

Mornin', baby!

Baby gets fed!

Baby gets a diaper change!

Baby also gets a seasonally appropriate wardrobe change and helps me wake up Lady.

Check the snow. Still there. White Christmas, check.

Baby gets some floor time with Lady.

I take a shower.

Another diaper change.

Get the french toast out of the fridge and ready for the oven.

Make some tea.

Catch Lady snorting the baby.

Parents arrive! They've been staying in town since November to help out with baby and life. They've been a godsend.

Good timing - french toast is done!

Somehow manage to get baby into the crib without her waking up. Now we pass the monitor around, playing Monitor Roulette. Whoever has the monitor when she starts crying has to go get her. :P

Our tree and our small but significant present pile. We've been doing the wall tree thing for a few years now (because cats) and while we originally did it out of necessity, I kind of love it now.

Settle down for breakfast/brunch.

It's not long before baby is awake. She practices her sit-ups with Lady.

Open stockings.

Lady helps baby open her stocking.

Small but significant present accumulation.

The detritus of getting the baby to sleep.

Mom starts getting food together for dinner.

Baby comes to help out by being adorable.

Chicken soup for lunch.

More cooking. Well. Melting. Coconut oil melting. For dinner. Well. Dessert.

Brandy balls! Except instead of a cup of booze-soaked raisins, there's just a cup of booze in 'em. o.o

Baby tells us what she thinks about our cooking.

Mom chats with baby.

Time for nap means time for a walk.

Everybody's bundled up!

But it's still cold.

It hasn't snowed in a week but that snow ain't going anywhere.
(Spoiler: it went disappeared during the following week :<)

So cold, even the river (mostly) froze.

Idk what's going on here but it looks like someone forgot their snowball.

Mostly frozen lake.

The fancy schmancy sledding hill that just opened last week. They have a sled lift and snow machines and hot cocoa and a fire pit and everything. Back in my day, we had to find our own hill and scurry up it in the dark before the old man who owned it could yell at us.

Chillin' with my villain baby.

Home again, so people check their devices.

And then onwards with the cooking

Kona helps by staying out of the way.

Baby learns from the best.

Until it's naptime again, of course.

Dad tries to skype with his family.

Then it's dinner time! Ham and green beans and roasted cauliflower. Yum.

Pecan bar and coconut ice cream for dessert. Yaas.

Baby wakes up so we practice sit-ups some more. She actually cries if she's lying down and can't do a sit-up. o.o

Then it's bath time!

And one more nap. o.o

I guess when one doesn't have TV, people just internet instead. lol

And then all the lights got turned off and the parents shooed out as we put baby to bed. Happy Christmas!

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