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Like a lot of other LJers, I've made an account over at Dreamwidth and am going to be using that as my primary account.

IF you haven't heard, LJ has been owned by a Russian company for quite some time now. But despite that, LJ servers have been hanging out in CA all these years. Apparently, the servers have been moved to Russia for reals now. Of course, I can't find anywhere else that talks about this other than that Metafilter post and hundreds of LJ posts themselves. LJ itself has remained mum on the matter, so honestly right now it's mostly rumor. Pretty solid rumor at that, but still rumor.

But it's a good as time as any to back up my hundreds (thousands??) of LJ entries from over 10 years (15!) of posting and find a home on Dreamwidth, which is US owned and based. It also lets you import all of your LJ entries and create crossposts, like this one. For now, I'm going to wait and see what happens and whether or not the rumors are substantiated before doing anything drastic, like deleting my LJ account. I would not be surprised, though, and Russia is not known for privacy, so.

In the meantime, I'd encourage you to keep appraised of the sitch and, if nothing else, back up your entries. You can always export your posts through LJ itself, but it looks like more and more of us will be migrating to Dreamwidth over the coming months.

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