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In which our heroine spends the day covered in baby and then doesn't even finish the DITL because her mind is like a sieve. Oh well. Here's a glimpse of life with a newborn. Warnings: Lots of baby, all with at least a diaper, promise no surprise boob shots, autumnal gazing.

It's 3am when I remember today is a DITL day.

I have the second night shift with Lady Jr, from midnight (ish) until 7am.

Baby and I spend a lot of time watching Netflix.

Breastfeeding is no joke. I'm hungry almost as often as baby is.

Lady Jr is finally in a deep enough sleep that I can put her down and she doesn't instantly wake up.

I try to sleep a little too, but it's soon food time again.

For me, too. This time something a little healthier than ice cream: oatmeal!

Pump a little after feeding. My goal is to have enough for an extra feed each day so I can sleep for longer.

Feed the cats I guess.

Time check.

Baby is too upset to eat, so I figure it's time to change a diaper. I am correct.

Baby is still upset after diaper change and food, so white noise to the rescue. I love this app. It's been a lifesaver.

Grumpy face, but she's out cold.


Time to squeeze in some basic human grooming.

Like coffee. Not a time check - that clock is off by an hour at least.

Hot shower YES

What even is this cat.

A wild Lady appears! I stay up long enough to make sure she has coffee.


I wake up to a hungry baby.

Time check.

Huff that baby.

Oh hey breakfast.

Diaper change!

While Dr Lady takes care of the diapering, I cut up gummies I made the day before and store them.

And a snack for me.

Sigh at the autumn happening outside.

Cats appreciate it too.

Baby sleeps, woo!

Hear weird phantom meowing and find this demon practicing her vocals. What.

Kona has laid claim to the glider. I've given up trying to move her for now.

Step outside to enjoy autumn from the front of the house. God, that sky.

Take advantage of the calm to write a little.

More feeding. That is one milk-drunk baby.

More diapering.

Update the feeding/pooping schedule.

Relocate baby to kitchen so we can get stuff done.

Open some salmon cans and save the liquid.

'Cause cats love that stuff.

Dr Lady works on finishing her coffee.


More baby cuddles.

Put on some Real Person Clothes.

Put Baby in car.

Time check.

Sky check.

Dr Lady gets the baby carrier ready.

Grocery shopping!


Home again. Time to do some dishes. Before.

Dr Lady mows the lawn.

Dishes, after.

Set up the crock pot.

Dr Lady soaks her toe. She got part of her toenail cut off because it was growing in and now she has to soak her foot for a week or so but she'll FINALLY be able to walk like a normal human being.

Have some food. Burger & kale & kombucha.

Set up a cozy space for photos and take fancy baby photos. And here is where I completely forget that I was doing DITL. I guess two photo projects at once were too much.

Dr Lady soothes Lady Jr between shots.

After this we take Lady Jr for a walk, eat some food, feed the baby a dozen times, change some more diapers, and then I go to bed at a respectable hour (see: 7 or 8pm). I remember at some point that I was doing DITL but eh.

Hopefully I won't forget in the middle of it next time. :)
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